Monday, September 3, 2012

A Rough Start


Well to say that Kindergarten got off to a rough start would be an underestimate.  We have had LOTS and LOTS of tears this past week!  Talk about ripping out Mommy’s heart!

Bradley was very excited the first day of school, but as the second full week of school wore on he became more and more tired, whiny, and weepy.

Tuesday night I got an email from his teacher that he walked into the classroom and started bawling.  And he had other crying fits throughout the day.  We wrote back and forth about some different ideas to help with the transition and we are currently trying some things at home to make it better for everyone.

Wednesday we seemed to make a bit of progress, but Thursday morning was absolute torture.  While we were waiting for the bus at the bus stop, he could see the bus coming through the neighborhood and Bradley slowly started to panic.  He was crying so hard that we were worried that we were going to have a full on backlash about getting on the bus.  He got on.  Barely.


The tears don’t seem to be related to riding the bus, he has a little bus buddy and he loves the bus.  He has said that he feels like the days are REALLY long (which I am sure it feels that way), and that he misses us terribly.  He feels like I am still home with Ellie and Gracie and he wishes he was home with us too.  He wants me to come to lunch, pick him up for lunch like last year, and come home for the afternoon.  Basically he wants to stay in preschool.  I don’t blame him.  I do too buddy. 

Growing pains are never easy, and this little guy is just such a home body that it has been rough.  I have been trying to pack awesome and fun lunches with little surprises for him, notes from home, and fun things.  I also gave him a little heart rock that he holds when he is feeling sad. 

He seems excited for school this week.  He says it is only four days and he will be fine.  Ummm, we have about 170 left.  Let’s hope it gets better from here.  Ellie starts preschool this week, so I think that will help.  The routine will set in and he will adjust to the longer days.  For now I will be positive, pack fun lunches, write silly notes, and keep praying that it will work itself out.  I also wanted to forever remember these moments, especially when he is 16 and doesn’t ever come home and our conversations consist of grunts and groans. 

DSC_0526  He has such a kind and tender heart, I hope that never changes.  I love you little boy.  You will get through this and learn to love school.  I promise!

Fitness Journey Update!!!


On a totally different note I have been working out so much and running A LOT.  I have been looking around for some different races in my town that might interest me this fall or next spring.  I was just feeling like I needed a goal or something to work towards.  Especially with my running.  So, I am going to sign up for three different races in the next six months….

Real Girls Run 10K on October 6th ~  I am so excited about this first race, all women, flat course, and a chance to try out a race again, the first time in many, many years!!!

Boars Head Inn Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day 5K ~  Chris and I are going to run in this together…well I am going to run it, and he is going to push the kids in the stroller.  We’ll see how it turns out!  I would love to make it a little family tradition though!

Charlottesville Half Marathon on April 6th 2013 ~  I am SO SO excited about this race too!  I have suckered Cali and Kim to run with me!!  It just feels great to get some new fitness goals.

So in the spirit of running I decided I would run for 90 minutes this weekend jus to see what my pace was like and how my endurance was.  I felt great!!  The first part of the run was through the rain and I thought I was going to get rained out, but then it cleared up.  Here are my splits from Run Keeper:

Mile Pace
1 9:05
2 9:15
3 8:06
4 9:05
5 9:11
6 9:26
7 9:08
8 9:41
9 9:53
10 9:43

My pace definitely dropped of in miles 8-10, but hopefully with some training I can bring it closer to a 9 minute mile throughout!! 

Happy Monday!!


Colleen said...

Oh Clare, I know how you feel. This was us last year. It was so hard and every day was a challenge. We had issues with the bus and in school. It took so long for my girl to get past it. It will get better I can tell you that. It may take awhile but he'll get there. Poor little B!!!!

3 Peanuts said...

Clare, I m so sorry it was rough. Kinder is a tough adjustment. I honestly think a HUGE part of it is that they are SO tired. I am not sure what time Bradley goes to bed and or gets up but make sure he is getting 12 hours of sleep. We try to get Kate in bed at 7 or 7:30 on weeknights. She isn't always tired and sometimes she sings in bed or talk to her stuffed animals. But I have found that she functions SO much better the next day. I will say some prayers that this week goes better.

My kids did fine last week but I had such a rough week with 3 different schools and migraines.

Here's hoping this week is better for all of us!


Katie said...

Oh, this must be so hard for you!! I can't imagine all the emotions. I really wish that K was half-day and not so academically-minded (more like when we were kids). I hope things turn around very soon!!

Jaime Barnhart said...

Oh, how I remember this --- the transition is really hard on the kiddos. And Bradley's is right -- it IS a long day for 5 and 6 year olds! Just keep up the positive reviews about school -- emphasize the fun things and cool new stuff he is learning and all the new friends he is making. Just let him know that you miss him too but that school is such a cool new adventure.

I also ask Grace to come home and tell me 3 things each day about her school day -- gives her a "project" to do for me every day: 1 has to be something new she learned, 1 has to be the most fun thing about the day (recess doesnt count!), and the 3rd thing is something that she needs help with or that is worrying her or that is hard. Then we celebrate the first two and come up with a plan for the last one.

Hang in there -- one day, very soon, he will sprint for the bus stop and be sad on the last day of school cause he will miss his friends and teacher. :)

amanda said...

the teacher in me knows this is normal and will be over before you know it. but the mama in me? oh friend, it's just heartbreaking. big hugs to you and him!! you can both make it :)

Sandy said...

ahh clare that stinks about bradley crying and being so upset! my heart goes out to you! and congrats on your running! i think you did a great job for 10 miles!!!! amazing!