Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To Be 19 Again…


Sometimes you just have to do it.  Party like a rock star.  The night before your son’s very first day of Kindergarten.  It is super responsible parenting.  Believe me!!


First we bought tickets to see Train in another city.  Hoping that the first day of school wouldn’t conflict, and it did of course.  Then Rick and Cali booked a ridiculously long limo to go to the concert allowing us to let loose (mainly me and Cali) in a way that hasn’t been seen in probably five years.  Like I said, great parenting.


We lived it up.  Got questioned by the cops.   That is a long story, but basically there is ABSOLUTELY NO TAILGATING at this venue.  We learned the hard way.  Drank more beers than I care to count.  Took pictures that are blurry and silly.  Ate McDonald’s late night just because. 

Of course we listened to some awesome music…you tube wouldn’t let me post in though!!


Then partied like rock stars on the way home.

It was five years in the making.  Two back to back pregnancies and years of nursing.  It was time.  The inner Kappa Delta, Hokie, College Kid came out in a major way.  I loved every second of it.  

Just not the next day when the kids were miserable and I was still nervous to eat anything at one in the afternoon.  Life is short and you gotta let yourself let go sometimes.

It was a night to remember. 

PS  Thank you for all of the encouragement, words of congrats, and questions about losing the baby weight.  It feels great to know that hard work does pay off!  I will definitely do a post about some of my favorite foods right now, and go to snacks that won’t undo your hard work.  Stay tuned!!

Love, Clare


laura said...

i saw these pics popping up on instagram and i knew you were livin' it up! so fun!

one of my DG besties got married at trump this weekend. we closed down the virginian on friday night. hopped off shuttle buses at 1:30am on saturday night. i lived off some fabulous bourbon and cider cocktail all weekend. and i still, three days later, feel like i've been hit by a truck. like you said, oh, to be 19 again . . . ha!

Lindsay said...

LOL glad you guys had fun!! Love your pants! So cute!

Jenny said...

you definitely party like a rockstar! and you are right..sometimes you just have to let loose!

amanda said...

i would have died! seriously. i am sooo not that cool anymore!! actually i am pretty sure i was never that cool! so glad you guys had fun :)