Monday, August 20, 2012

Patience, Being Silly, and More Patience

Aren’t those the three things you need to get the “Perfect” beach picture of your family?!!  We tried for an entire afternoon to get the perfect shot!  Everything from standing on our heads, hooting like birds and other crazy make believe animals, bribing kids with sweet tarts and other treats, and just plain begging them.  Sometimes it works…


Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t good in a bunch of the pictures when my three where all looking at the camera so sweetly.  I tried to fix them up in lightroom, but I think they are just botched…turning some of them into black and white photos seemed to help!!?



And sometimes all of the begging and pleading just doesn’t help…look at THAT FACE!


I love these three little birdies though, they were such buds on the trip.  I know they will be life long friends.



Some of my favorite pictures with my littlest babe



Ellie dancing around like always, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect sky!


And look at these pictures I got of Rick and Cali and the girls…LOVE



Rick doesn’t look very happy, but I know he is smiling on the inside!

My biggest and my littlest, can’t believe he starts Kindergarten in TWO days!


This might be our best family shot, at least they are all looking at the camera!


I sure love this one though…Gracie screaming and Ellie fussing at her, life with little ones!


I am officially done with beach pictures, it only took me three weeks! 

Now I must get busy posting about our very exciting week ahead!!  We already met our new teacher, Mrs. L and are headed to Kindergarten on Thursday.  The bus picks up at 7:25 outside the house, early right?!  Our Kindergarteners get to do a “staggered” entrance.  So, school actually starts for everyone on Wednesday, but the K classes get split up into smaller groups so the can have one day with six or seven kids to get used to school.  Bradley’s day is Thursday and then he starts every day next Monday.  Yikes!!

I have been flooded with emotions with this big milestone approaching.  Tears were flowing as Chris and I talked in bed after open house.  There is so much to process, but for now checking off the last few days of summer with some fun!

More excitement coming soon! Love, Clare


Jodee said...

Love, love, love these family pictures! In fact, I think you should use one of them for your Christmas cards.

Hope the first day of Kindergarten goes well. Kamree and I had the Kindergarten Blues for two weeks last year!

Lindsay said...

I think they turned out pretty darn good Clare! I love that first picture! The picture of Gracie on your lap with her fingers in her mouth.. her eyes look IDENTICAL to yours! I can't believe our boys are starting Kindergarten!

Colleen said...

beautiful pictures Clare. I can't stand how adorable Gracie is. love that one of you and her.

laura said...

girl, those turned out fabulous!!! i completely understand the standing on heads to get smiles. i started saying potty words and got some great laugh-smiles there! ha!

and kindergarten? oh friend! it's gonna be great! can't wait to see the first day of school pic! xo!

Jenny said...

The pictures turned out wonderful Clare!

I cannot believe! These years have flown by, I remember your posts about potty training him!

amanda said...

kindergarten?!? you will be awesome mama :) you can do it!! promise :)

and the pictures turned out great! i agree - i think you already have your christmas card picture ready to go!