Thursday, August 23, 2012

It Happened

Today it happened…



You got on that big yellow bus, you know the one that all new mommies dream about.  That moment in time that seems so so far away when you first bring home that little bundle of a baby.  That morning, that moment that all moms dream about and dread came this morning.


  You climbed right on that bus this morning.  We sent you off with your big boy hair spiked up, your new bright sneakers, and your enormous Batman backpack.


You got on.  You smiled.  You had fun. 


I don’t know when it happened.  But it did!  You grew up into a little boy that we couldn’t be more proud of.  I thought about you ALL day.  Wondering what you were doing, if you were having fun.  If you felt safe and happy.


My mind is still trying to process this HUGE moment.  For now I am just happy because you came home happy and smiling.  And all is right in the world.  Until next time big yellow bus…



Colleen said...

Yay!!! So glad it went well. They are so little, huh? I remember thinking that when E got on the bus last year. it was just crazy to me!

Lindsay said...

ooo so glad to hear it went well! I tried to call today to see how you guys were doing! Glad things went so well!

amanda said...

so proud of you mama!!

(and you too bradley) :)

ps - i am not sure i will ever be ready!!