Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beaching it with the Besties

This was our fourth year traveling with Rick and Cali and their girls down to the beach.  There really isn’t anything sweeter then spending your vacation time with people you love and watching your children play and grow up together over the years.  Cali is such a special person, one of the very first people we met in Charlottesville.  Rick actually sold us the lot to our old house!  We both had Larken and Bradley right around the same time, and nothing bonds you quite like testing out motherhood together.  She is so special to me and their whole family has a place in our hearts.  


Chris and Rick have a very similar sense of humor, and they would get Cali and I laughing so hard we would cry!  Watching the Olympics with those two boys was a trip.  Cali texted me when we got back about missing their commentary while she was watching gymnastics. 


And this guy has been so busy the three months leading up to our vacation.  It has been a blessing for Chris’ business, but we both have been running around in circles.  The three kiddos and I at home, and Chris leaving early each morning and trucking home late each night.  The beach trip couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  It was much needed for me and the kids.  Here we are in our annual group photo headed out for a delicious dinner on the town.  We have gone to this local restaurant each year the, Fin and Claw, and it is amazing! 


On to the kiddos…


It is downright amazing the amount of things you have to bring to the beach.  And with the two girls still needing so much “stuff” we actually bought a Thule attachment for the top of our mini van.  Yep, three kids, tons of crap, and a bag on the top of the car.  I am sure we looked hilarious driving around!!  Gracie and Ellie both still needed pack and plays (Ellie is in a big girl bed this week…more news on that later), Grace needed bottles, formula, baby food, bibs, spoons, the list goes on and on.  Add all of that in with the normal beach junk and you have a car full! 


We stayed in the same beach house as last year and it was perfect!  Plenty of room for everyone, a huge pool, two kitchen areas, and lots of places for the kiddos to run and romp around.  We added a golf cart to our rental this year and that was really fun.  The kids loved zipping around in it, up to the beach, to grab ice cream, or taking a playground trip.  It was Chris’ idea and it was such a good one!


The kids had so much fun in the pool this year!  We played in the pool every day when we got home from the beach and a lot of times we went in again before or after dinner.  They love having a pool right there at the house.  The Daddies are always so much fun in the pool, Chris and Bradley really played around in the water.



Bradley was quite the little scientist on this trip.  He spent a lot of his beach time looking for cool shells, searching for mussels and crabs, and he even caught a frog at the beach house.  So fun to see them really growing up!  He wasn’t into swimming in the ocean as much as last year.  The surf was a little rough while we were there.

More of my favorite beachy photos…








Life is good!  Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

ohh my word these pictures are amazing! I love that picture of Gracie at the pool! So so glad you guys had fun!

Jodee said...

Adorable beach pictures!

aimee said...

Great pictures! Looks like so much fun! I'm already counting down the days till our next trip to the Outer Banks. Love, love family vacations! By the way, you look AMAZING. You go, momma! I'm totally with you on the craziness of packing up small kiddos to go on a trip. The amount of stuff is overwhelming! Miss you lots. P.S. My blog got moved since mobileMe shut down. It's at www.domirefamily.com just in case you still had the old address.

amanda said...

i love that you guys do this. it's so tricky (i think) finding the perfect family friends. where the moms and dads can hang AND the kids can all have fun! you are one lucky lady :)

Katie said...

Great pictures and wonderful memories!! Clare, you look fabulous!!! Love to you all.

amy said...

You look fab Clare! :)

Jentifur said...

Looks like a blast! I need to know... where did you get your white jeans? I can't find any I like.