Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tie Dye Baby

Gracie has officially perfected the  “army crawl.”  Bradley and Ellie never did the army crawl.  They just went straight to crawling.  Gracie is super cool and special since she is the last baby and decided that she is going to try things her own way.  She started by just scooting around the rug in the family room, but lately she has gotten more and more adventuresome with her crawling.


She loves to make her way into the kitchen.  She is usually given a small prize for all of her hard work, like a box of Tupperware.  Who doesn’t love a big box of lids to gnaw on??


Her next stop is the bread basket.  It is super exciting and full of fun plastic bags to get into.  Sometimes she will make a pit stop at the sippy cup basket and pull out all of Bradley’s cups and lids.  Last but not least she will spend a good deal of time working on the cabinet locks.  They are always so intriguing and must hold hidden treasures if the cabinets are locked, right?!


Gracie is sporting her tie dye onesie that Bradley and I made for her a few weeks ago.  I just made a onesie and few shirts for the big kids and they turned out super super cute.  My tip---use LOTS and LOTS of the dye.  Even though the box said not to saturate the clothing.  I think they turned out bright and fun!

The beach countdown is on—three more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amanda said...

no she is not crawling!! no no no!!!

where is baby grace???

Lindsay said...

Yay Gracie look at you go!! I love her onesie!