Friday, July 6, 2012

Life Unplugged

I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I have written a blog post.  Summertime has taken over at our house and apparently that includes my blog.  Most of the reason I have been so absent has been the lack of power, internet, and phone service at our house.  We were part of that huge storm system that hit on Friday night and there was a lot of destruction done in our beautiful neighborhood.  They estimated that the wind gusts were up to 70 to 80 miles per hour.  That is no joke! 

We were actually one of the lucky homes and only lost power for about a day, but others just down the street from us weren’t so lucky.  We had some of our neighbors stay with us to get out of the horrible heat.  It is one thing to lose power, it is another thing to lose it on 100 degree days in the middle of July.  We were lucky that our house faired ok in the storm.  We only lost a ceiling fan from the front porch.  I know there are many people with trees on their homes and lots of damage.   

I only had access to the internet from my little iphone and it was kind of nice to be really unplugged for a while.  I couldn’t get online at home, blog, or check my voicemail.  I have a lot to catch you up on, but for now here are some of my favorites from these past two weeks of summer…


We have been to the lake a bunch of times lately.  We recently went to celebrate the 4th, but we also went to get into some AC after the storm, and before that to hit up some good old boat and tube riding.  Of course you can’t go to the lake without your potty and your iphone.  It is a good thing there is a lot of shade down by the water, because Ellie spent her day swimming and making trips to the potty.  I will have to do another post on our whole potty training expedition, but knock on wood she is doing excellent! 


After potty time it is always good to eat a snack with Gigi!


Or float around with Pop Pop


And then ride on the tube with mommy!!  Ellie rode with us and she loved it!


Then on a really hot afternoon you might let your mommy paint your face, just because.  She was a bit of a wiggle worm, but the butterfly turned out pretty good overall!


And then I made Bradley a rough and tough army solider.  He said he was doing his “mean face.” 

There is lots more to share, the bucket list is getting checked off daily.  For now I am just enjoying the days of summer, the pool, the laid back schedule, and having lots of time with these crazy kiddos…



Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

You did an awesome job with the facepaint!! Glad you guys were able to cool off at the lake when you didn't have any power :-)

laura said...

you are inspiring me to (purposely!) unplug! ellie looks sooooo big in these pictures! like big girl big. cannot handle these not-so-babyish-anymore babies growing up!

happy summer! glad to hear your house is a-o-k...and you got to spend some quality time with the grands!