Monday, July 9, 2012

Itty Bitty


The first thing you think of with this baby probably isn’t “itty bitty” but she sure is to me.  I can’t believe how much she has changed lately.  It is as if she is trying to grow up super fast, just to catch up with her siblings, and make her mommy want to freeze time.  She is officially on-the-go.  She army crawls all over the place; under tables, banging on the fire place screen, chewing on the shoes in the family room, gnawing on the legs of the jumperoo.  Nothing is out of her reach.  If she wants it, she just pulls with her arms and uses her back foot to push off.

Grace is sitting like a champ.  This skill seemed to go hand in hand with her army crawling.  Because as soon as she was really able to sit up, she started crawling.  I am now lucky if she will sit for two whole seconds before she off and into something or someone’s stuff.


Grace’s smile is contagious.  She will light up when she sees mommy, daddy, or big brother bradley.  Ellie is super special because she will usually get a smile and some lough squawking.  Gotta get that awesome big sister’s attention somehow, right?  Ellie can’t decide if she thinks Grace is fun or annoying, or probably a little bit of both.  Now that Grace is into her stuff she definitely gets Ellie going.  I am working hard on the idea of sharing, although sharing with a baby and a two year old might be a bit of a stretch.  But we are trying to work on it.


I can’t believe this itty bitty is now eight whole months old.  We are rounding on her first year, and I just don’t know where it all went.  She is growing more teeth earlier than any of my other kiddos.  She has three on the bottom and two broken through on the top, with two more on the way.  She is going to have a full set of teeth before she is one!  Teeth and eating up a storm, she is becoming more and more of a one year old and less and less of a little newborn.  19 lbs. 10 oz at her last check up is quite a difference from the little bundle we brought home.


Slow down little girl, there isn’t a need to rush!!  I have the big one at Kindergarten Camp this week.  Ya’ll are going to give this mommy a breakdown if you don’t quit it!  No one said you were allowed to grow up this fast!

I love you my little itty bitty blue eyed babe.  Love, mommy 


Colleen said...

Clare - she is gorgeous!!! love the deep blue eyes and her rolls are too precious!

Lindsay said...

Love these pictures!! Gracie you are too cute!! Slow down sweetie!! Give your mama a break! These pictures reminded me of Ellie sitting on the floor w/ similar lighting and belly hanging out :-) XOXOXO

amanda said...

eight months already? where is that darn pause button!

she is adorable :)

laura said...

i remember the exact same style of photos you took of ellie...wasn't that just yesterday?!