Monday, June 18, 2012

Swimming and Swing Sets


Life doesn’t get much better than this.  Spending the first week of summer with all three kiddos.  We visited the gym, the pool (the water is freezing!!) and the spray park.  We made Styrofoam stampers, father’s day gifts, beaded necklaces, and discovery bottles.  A project a day was my goal!  We already checked off quite a few things from our summer bucket list.  The kids had a blast at the spray park on Friday and we got to meet up with a bunch of our buddies which always makes things more exciting.  When the water got a bit too chilly they decided to have some races in the fields.  Summer fun at its finest.

IMG_0426  IMG_0427

Having the nanny this summer has already been such a huge help.  She stayed with Gracie while we were at the park and Gracie was able to have her morning nap and not sweat in the hot sun.  It is just giving us a lot of flexibility and giving me opportunities to do fun outings without the added pressure of napping, feeding, and carrying along a baby.  This little mama has also really blossomed with all of the one on one attention and time with her big brother.  Her enthusiasm is contagious if you can’t tell?!


Chris spent all of last week, literally every single night before bed, after putting the kids to bed, and coming home from work early two days to finish this monstrosity…


It was over 400 pieces of wood and more screws than I have ever seen.  The kids are in LOVE with it and have spent every moment of the weekend playing on it.  First thing Saturday and Sunday morning they were out there climbing, swinging, and laughing.  It has a picnic table underneath, two levels for climbing, and Ellie calls it her castle.  I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but Chris is an amazing father and this is just one of the thousands of examples.

The second week of summer has been spent potty training Ellie………..booo and yay!!  She is doing well, today she was extremely successful.  More on that fun adventure later, right now I am happy to reminisce of our first fun week of summer!

love, clare


Colleen said...

looks like a great start to summer! sounds like you made a great decision in having the nanny there to help out. lessens the stress of trying to coordinate with all 3 I am sure.

I am still laughing that our swing set is nearly identical. I cannot believe your hubby put the whole thing together!! We had ours done by the place we bought it.

Jenny said...

love the swing set and it sounds like you are having a great start to summer with your kiddos!

i just love those pics of ellie...good luck with the potty training adventure!

amanda said...

yay for summer!!

but man if those swingsets aren't the worst to put together!!!

Lindsay said...

Sammy was totally pumped to see the swing set! We need to come check it out soon! Sounds like a wonderful day of summer break!

laura said...

happy swinging! ya'll are gonna love that thing!