Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Summer Bucket List


Summer at our house is all of two days away and I had a little mini FREAK out last night!  What are we going to do all summer?  How will I keep these children occupied, happy, and keep myself sane in the process? I want to have fun and make some memories without overwhelming myself and the kiddos. 

So the inner and forever dorky teacher in me decided to get to work.  We need a schedule…a weekly one, a daily one, and a summer goal list of things we want to do before the end of August. 

I started with our Summer List.  I looked around online, on Pinterest, and blogs and found a lot of inspiration.  Some people are so, so creative with their summer lists; they hang actual buckets, post-its, popsicle sticks, and paint old beat up buckets from the thrift store.  Since it was eight at night and I figured the thrift stores were closed, I decided to keep it simple.  A big piece of white paper and pack of markers would do.  I broke our list down into four categories: activities, outings, crafts, and treats/cooking.  Since the children are still very young I kept things very simple.  I picked things that wouldn’t require a lot of prep or materials.  Most of the crafts I purchased pre-packaged at Michaels on Monday or they are things I already have around the house.  All of the outings are in our town or under an hour drive from our house.  All of the activities are super, super easy…movie night and breakfast for dinner.  Simple things that the kids get such a kick out of!  Bradley LOVED listening to the list this morning at breakfast.  Ellie hardly noticed it, so there you have it, one child is really going to enjoy my inner dorky teacher this summer!

Then I created a VERY loose daily schedule and general weekly activities.  I printed it out and hung it on the frig:    


Our Summer Schedule

7-8:30 Breakfast, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth

8:30-9:30 Organized Outdoor or Indoor Playtime

9:30 Snack and Prepare for Morning Outing  (prep for the pool or trip)

10-1 Morning Outing and Lunch (lunch at the pool or out)

1-3 Naps and Rest Time

3-4 Snack and Watch a Show (everyone wakes up at different times so I gave this a big window)

4-5:30 Afternoon Free Play or Outing (usually play in the basement or backyard)

5:30 Dinner

6:30 Bath and Bed

Monday: Mommy’s morning out

Tuesday:  Pool or Pre-Planned Activity/Play date

Wednesday: ACAC and Pool Afternoon: Library

Thursday: ACAC and Pool

Friday: Field Trip/Outing in Town

Under our daily schedule I hung up a blank June calendar.  I started to fill in some of the play dates we already have lined up, Bradley’s upcoming camp, etc.  It is going to get filled in each upcoming week so the kids can see what we have going on that month.  I am going to try to put our bucket list items on there to make sure we get to them all!  I found a free website that lets you print out calendars to fill it, bonus!!

This is of course all very, very flexible and it may change once we get into the full swing of summer.  I just really wanted to have an outline for us to go by and not feel like the weeks were just whizzing by unstructured.  I have also noticed that Bradley and Ellie seem to really go after each other on the weekends when they have a lot of down time to just play (mostly Ellie terrorizes Bradley).  I figured some structure wouldn’t hurt!

The inner teacher in me is off to plan out some more stuff…

Happy Summer!!


Colleen said...

love this idea Clare. I even love how you narrowed it down into basics like making muffins. I am going to check out the calendar printable too.

Jenny said...

Way to plan clare! i think will and i will make a list like that to put on our door.

Lindsay said...

Looks like a great plan for the summer!! I need to get on our Summer Bucket List very soon!! I am up for some of those outings and playdates ;-) XOXO

amanda said...

it's so hard to quiet our inner teacher voice sometimes isn't it?? but it soooo works when we listen :)

laura said...

your bucket list, your daily schedule...all things awesome...and all things worthy of totally being copied!!! ;)