Sunday, June 3, 2012

Insta Weekend


This weekend was just the way I like it; the weather was stunning and we didn’t have one plan or commitment.  Sometimes I find myself overbooked. Dinners out, babysitters, play dates and birthday parties.  It makes me really enjoy the weekends when we are just free to have our own agenda and just be.  It also helps when the weather is absolutely breathtaking and you have this little park right behind your house.


Have a mentioned how much I LOVE Mint Springs.  Sweeping views of the blue ridge mountains, a lake, a beach, hiking trails, creeks, bridges, and a playground.  It is a little jewel of a place that happens to be on the road behind our neighborhood.  I hope my children grow up and realize how lucky they are to have lived in such an amazing place.  We might not have everything at our fingertips (like good shopping), but we do have beauty!


This little girl has learned how to sit up so well now!  Gracie was awfully proud of herself while we picnicked at Mint Springs.  She was dressed in one of Bradley’s old outfits on Saturday.  It makes me reminisce and realize how quickly everything is going by.  In four days he will be done with preschool and I will officially be the mom of a rising Kindergartener.  Yikes!


Sunday was just as unplanned and just as lazy.  The weather was crisp and Ellie and I headed out to one of the two large ponds in our neighborhood.  This one has a long dock and backs up to the golf course.  The views are incredible.  We looked for fish, threw them chex mix, dangled our feet over the dock and talked about life.  Well, mostly about a two year olds’ life which consists of , Where’d the birdie go?  I see fishies!!  More chex mix Mommy, and other important life topics.  She really thrives with one on one attention.  Lately everything has been "Mommy DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.”  Which is super sweet and super annoying.  Especially when it involves everything from brushing teeth to changing diapers.  I think she is really starting to notice the attention that Gracie gets and feeling like she is pushed aside at times.  I need to be more aware of each of my child’s needs.  I spend so much of my day taking care of the basics, food, meals, drinks, diapers, but there is so much more to motherhood than just those things. 


Our view from the dock…


Two year old feet and sparkling water!

One of the sweetest moments this weekend was on Saturday afternoon when Chris was quickly trying to cut the grass so the kids to come down and play.  Ellie ran into the garage to find her lawnmower and followed him around for almost 45 minutes on and off. 

Ellie cutting the grass, June 2012

With Gracie’s amazing sitting skills we piled all of the children in the tub for their first bath together. 


Sometimes it is the little things that are the big things.  A weekend of nothing and everything.  I love it!


Colleen said...

I love weekends like that! I'm craving one! I can't believe how big Gracie is already. It's crazy. I love that picture of Ellie too. beautiful spot.

amanda said...

yay for long lazy summer weekends!!

(not that there is anything lazy about being the mom to three little people - but you know what i mean) :)

Lindsay said...

What a perfect weekend! I love all of the amazing views!! I would love to go to Mint Springs sometime its beautiful!