Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training


NO ONE likes potty training.  It can be such a frustrating and cumbersome parenting task.  But, at some point you have to bite the bullet and do it.  We have been working with Ellie for a while here and there around the house.  The little potties have been out upstairs and downstairs for a few months now.  Ellie has been showing a lot of interest in them and what everyone does exactly in the bathroom.  Having a big brother has probably helped too! 

I am by no means a potty training expert, but these are some of the tips that I can share…

I had a lot of success with both kids, even with their totally different personalities.  I knew they were ready when Bradley kept going into the playroom to poop when he was two, and I figured if he can go and hide he can go on the potty too!  Ellie started doing the same thing in the past few months.  She would go and hide behind the couch and say, “going poopy mommy.”  Plus I figured summertime would be the perfect time to tackle it with her.  I chose this past week because Bradley is doing an all day camp and I would be able to stick around the house with Ellie.

First we stayed home for five days in a row.  I know that totally stinks, but it worked!  We just played a bunch at home, and let her run around without a diaper on.  We would play outside, do crafts, paint, anything to keep her entertained while working with her.  She definitely had a bunch of accidents the first two days.  She peed in the grass a few times, once in the sandbox, and unfortunately once on the couch.  But, she also had a lot of success.  We would do the potty cheer, jump around, hug her, give high fives, skittles, and if she pooped she got a toy from the toy basket.

With Bradley I would set the timer for every 30 minutes and have him sit on the potty.  He usually always went a little bit and I would give him an m+m.  With Ellie that hasn’t quite worked.  She will resist if I ask her too often and then flat out refuse to go.  So I kept her naked, but backed off with the questioning.  When I would see that she probably needed to go I would ask her if she wanted to play on the ipad and sit on the potty.  She has also done better with putting the little potty in the bathroom.  She likes to be in there alone and then come running out screaming, “I did it mommy!!!!!!!!!”

After four days I introduced underwear.  That is the next phase for my kiddos.  They have to learn how to take it on and off and that it isn’t going to hold anything! 

Today we tried an outing to the library with her underwear on, and she did great!  I think the last phase is learning how to get them out and about.  This is the hardest part for the parents.  I have a little travel potty that I keep in the car, and we used it before we went into the library.  We are going to a little play studio tomorrow and that will be a huge step.  Little by little the outings will increase and I will keep the potty and a change of clothes in the car for a long time. 

I just try to remember that there will be accidents and bumps in the road.  A few of the days at home she didn’t have one accident at all, and then Wednesday morning she woke up and pooped right on the family room rug.  It can be so frustrating, but I try to tell myself that she is having to re-learn something she has been doing for over two years. 

I also try to remember that no one goes to college in diapers.  At some point everyone gets it.  hopefully right?!

We haven’t really done anything exciting this week, just lots of potty trips and potty talk and big girl princess underwear.  Their little bums sure do look cute in those undies though!  love, Clare         


Lindsay said...

What a big girl Ellie is!! Its no fun but like you said.. the more consistent you are and the more attention you can give it in the beginning it will be mastered quickly!

laura said...

one of ben's friends had his big boy under-roos on the other day and i about died -- they were the cutest! we are nowhere near ready, but i've already got my eye on some snazzy red lightning mcqueen ones. ha!

way to go, ellie!

The Mrs. said...

OMG my LEAST favorite thing on earth! It does take camping out. Good job!