Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Party of Five


For most of our weekend this is how we rolled, literally.  Double stroller stuffed to the rim, complete with extra toys, blankets, sunscreen, Eurgo carrier, stuffed animals from the zoo, the camera, sunhats and paci’s for the girls, oh yeah and don’t forget the “PACKED TO THE BRIM DIAPER BAG.”  You need a lot of stuff while traveling with this crew.  I won’t even list all of the random shit, I mean necessities,  that was shoved into the diaper bag.  Poor little Grace is very lucky that her feet aren’t long, because they just sat propped up on the stuff in the basket. 


Good thing she is cute as pie and fits perfectly in the back of the stroller!  She was such a trouper for the trip.  I just can’t get enough of this little one!  She came along on all of the adventures with the big kids and hardly made a fuss about the lack of naps or sleeping in random places.  The lessons she is already learning as the third baby. 


Our first stop was to the awe inspiring Natural History Smithsonian.  The kids LOVED it!  Ellie ran from one set of bones to another exclaiming, “Look Mommy, look here, another Dinosaur bones.”  People were actually commenting that she should give tours.  I am telling you that this little girl is such a little firecracker at times and the light of my life all wrapped into one.  She is so enthusiastic, excited about learning, and the friendliest little thing you have ever seen!  

DSC_0241 DSC_0245

Ellie checking out the “Dino Bones” and Bradley underneath his favorite T-Rex.


The little ones didn’t leave a lot of time for reading the plaques or discussing the dinos, but Bradley still had a great time.  One day we will be back and walk around slowly and read the information.  This time was about looking, glancing, and moving on to the next thing!


If you know anything about me, you will know that I HATE sleeping in the same room with my kids.  It makes me nervous that they will wake up and we will have a night from hell.  But, with only one bedroom in our suite and a very small bathroom we had to improvise.  First Grace went to bed in the farthest corner of the room.  Followed by Ellie on the other side of the bedroom.  Then Bradley and I hung out in the family room area until it was his bedtime and we put him to bed.  Everyone surprisingly did amazing with the arrangement.  I guess they were all so tired from the excitement of the day, and just wiped out.  Both nights all three children slept the whole night without a peep.  Everyone woke up around the normal seven am wake up time.  It was perfect!!

Day two we hit the Washington National Zoo…


We inspected the zebras and the orangutans.  They were amazing and crossed this rope and pole system that was set up around the zoo.  It really drew a crowd and people were cheering for them!  It was great!


Then we got to visit with Uncle Shawn, Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam when they met us for lunch at the zoo.  Baby Winn was there of course too!!!  Uncle Shawn getting some QT with baby Winn…



The zoo trip was a success!  The kiddos had a blast and we completely wore them out!  After an insane attempt to ride the metro back to our hotel, we cabbed it back instead.  Let’s just say a crowed metro + a hungry baby + a overdone toddler = two extremely stressed parents.  All in all this was the most frazzled I felt the whole weekend.  But, we made it back ok and the world did not explode and either did Ellie’s two year old head.

The boys had a wonderful night out at the Nationals Baseball Game.  Bradley got to be one of the guys and go to the game with Daddy, Uncle Shawn, and Uncle Adam.  Let’s just say that this picture melts me…


The boys at the game, Bradley eating a big old stadium hot dog with the bun (not cut up into little half moon pieces anymore) and with the sweetest, proudest grin I have ever seen.  He has officially worn his national zoo hat and Nationals jersey every day since we have been home.  Man I love this little boy!

We rounded up the trip with our last stop at the White House and the Washington Monument.  There were some little US history lessons thrown in for Bradley.  I’m not sure that he completely gets it, but I think he knows that the President is a really important person that runs our country.  At least that’s what I hope he took away from the day.







We had a blast.  Our party of five.  Dinners out, breakfasts at the pastry shops, dinosaur bones, and fountains with little adorable ducks.  Wherever we went we had a huge crew and had fun together.  We made some great memories and it made me excited to think of all the adventures to come for our family.  I love you little stinkers, thanks for making our first vacation together a success…and especially thank you Chris for attempting with me and not killing me in the process!


Lindsay said...

So glad you guys had a great trip! It looks like a lot of fun was had by all :-) I LOVE that picture of Bradley at the game!!

Jenny said...

It looks like an amazing time! I love the pic of Bradley trying to touch the dino.

I was just thinking about taking the boys to the zoo! I think we actually have that picture of the monkeys on the wire somewhere!

I am sure you are glad you are home and back to a routine.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Looks like a great time! And, love the stroller.

(Totally with you on the sleeping in the same room...ugh!)

amanda said...

oh man i love this!! seriously there is nothing better or more exhausting than a good ole family vaca!!

amazing memories friend!!