Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mommy’s day

there are so many different phases of motherhood.  I remember the first mother’s day that I was just pregnant with bradley.  I couldn’t even feel his little baby kicks yet, but in my heart I was a mother.  I was pregnant and special and chosen.  the next year mother’s day had even more meaning.  I was not officially a mom and couldn’t wait to have a day to be pampered after going through pregnancy, newborn-ness, and the first six months of having a baby in the house.  I was young and happy. 

the following years I wanted to be a mother to more children so badly it hurt.

wishes were granted, prayers were answered.  now this mother’s day 2012, I found myself here...


I’ve got mother written all over me.  Most days you will find me in my gym clothes, with the hopes that I am going to get to the gym or I have already been there and haven’t had a shower yet.  These said gym clothes are probably covered with a few splatters of baby food and spit up or a good deal of slobber on the shoulder.  I usually have a crumby, overflowing diaper bag in my hand, or a pacifier in my pocket.  If I am showered I usually don’t have on make up or the latest style of clothes.  But, I am happy.  I was chosen.


I am officially an expert on superheroes, diaper changes, and nap schedules.  I can stop a tantrum in its tracks (sometimes).  I can cut up toddler sized pieces of fruit or hot dogs in my sleep.  I know the power of the bedtime routine and snuggles and baby kisses.  I can change a diaper in the middle of the night with the lights off.

I am a mom to three little ones.  I wear the badge proudly.  And the best picture I have with my kiddos right now happens to be on my phone.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there!




Colleen said...

so sweet Clare! happy belated mother's day to you.

Lindsay said...

Sweet post Clare!! Love The picture of Bradley as Batman w/ his first tooth missing and the girlies reading for a walk in the stroller!

amanda said...

hope it was a beautiful day friend!!

happy mamas day :)

Jenny said...

Love the picture of you guys...so sweet!

It's amazing what you can do in the middle of the night!

aimee said...

You look great and you're amazing!

Happy Mother's Day!