Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letting Go


This weekend I learned a little bit about “letting go.”  I would say that I am usually wound up pretty tight.  I like routine, schedule, predictable, and the norm.  Since having Bradley I have had a hard time when we have traveled.  I have stressed about sleep, naps, and keeping things the same to avoid meltdowns.  I don’t feel like that is really a good thing though.  I always wanted to have that inner mama that could let things go a bit.  Not be too stressed if the kids got frazzled or the routines got messed up.  They will live.  Sometimes you have to let those things go to enjoy life. 

Well this weekend I learned about letting go and having fun.  We spent an awesome three day weekend in DC.  The weather was gorgeous, the children were rock stars, and I learned a lot about myself.  I can sleep in the same room with Ellie and Grace and actually get some rest.  I can wear a napping baby around the DC Zoo for over an hour with sweat dripping down my back and still have fun.  I can nurse a baby while sitting in traffic on 95.  That a baby hat can double as a burp cloth.  A baby blanket can double as an enormous bib when eating ice cream at the Washington Monument at 10 am on Sunday morning.  I can let random people take our picture in front of the White House and be ok that the above picture was actually the “best” one in the lot.  I can accept that there isn’t much time for aperture and shutter speed and getting the perfect shot.  There is just being, living, and having fun.  There will be a time in my life when I can spend a weekend in DC with Chris going to fine restaurants and stay at a glamorous hotel.  This trip was about eating at hot dog stands and having cupcakes back in our hotel room because we couldn’t make it through dinner AND dessert.  I learned that watching shows on the ipad is a wonderful thing.  And making memories is awesome.  Bradley went to his first Nats game with the “boys” and Ellie LOVED the biggest castle, aka the Washington Monument. 

There is something exhilarating about living out of a hotel suite and then comforting about coming home again.

We survived our first trip as a family of five and actually had a wonderful time.  I would normally have said that I have 100s of photos to sort through.  But really there is about 50 and they aren’t that good.  When you are wearing a baby for half the trip there isn’t a lot of time for photos.  When I do have the energy to edit a few of the 50 I will tell you more about our adventures.  Right now I am just relishing in my sweet family and the inner mama that is learning to let go. 


laura said...

cheers to your first family of 5 adventure!!!

Colleen said...

I can relate to this on many levels!!! So glad that you had fun and enjoyed the craziness!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'm so proud of you for letting loose a little bit!! XOXO.. so Bradley did good at the game? Maybe I will take Sammy when we go to DC next week.... tempting!

amanda said...

yay for your first vaca as a family of five!! huge long distance high five mama!! sometimes letting go is the best way to go :)

ps - thanks for your kind, sweet words yesterday!!

3 Peanuts said...

All of it so true! I am glad you had a great trip!!!! Kate is the child that taught me to let go. I am SO SO SO much more laid back because of her. A third child will just do that to you. If my house is a total mess and she asks me to read a book,I do. Before, i could not do anything until my house was immaculate. Life is much more fn now!!!!