Monday, April 9, 2012

Then She Giggled

Usually I get all weepy when we start having the first milestones.  In the past two weeks we have had, the first tooth, the first bites of food, but then this week she had the first set of “giggles.”  I can’t handle all of the changes all within a few weeks!! 

My last little one is growing up right before my eyes.  There is just something about the first real giggles, they are truly something special.  The first tooth is exciting, but it usually involves a fussy baby, lots of spit, and chewing on everything in sight.  But, there is nothing but happiness when you hear the first giggles.


I heard them for the first time this week.  I had the leftovers of this awful cold and I sneezed  while I was changing Grace’s diaper.  Well, she got really tickled and started giggling.  She laughed and laughed while I fake sneezed over and over again.  Then I took a shower while she was playing on the floor, and as I emerged from the shower I leaned over her and did another one of my now famous sneezes.  She just looked at me like, “really lady, that is all you’ve got?  I don’t think that is amusing at all.”  I tried to show Chris when he got home from work and she wouldn’t do it again.  Then HE gave me the look, “really lady, you got her to giggle by fake sneezing.”  I really did people! 


Anyway, Bradley started playing peek-a-boo with her tonight and she giggled over and over again.  If you haven’t listened to a baby’s first giggles in a while, this video will make you smile from ear to ear.  I jumped and started filming.  I really need to get coordinated with my filming because half of the video I took sideways and the other half up and down…sorry!  It will rotate while you are watching it!

Gracie Giggles April 2012

Happy Giggling Monday!!


Mary Beth said...

I agree! Nothing makes me smile more than those first giggles. Love. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

Love those baby giggles! I had to laugh along with her! Sammy was all excited to try and make Gracie laugh the next time he sees her!

Colleen said...

awww nothing like a baby giggle!! she is so sweet Clare.

Jenny said...

Love to hear the baby is such sweetness!