Monday, April 16, 2012

Photo Sessions

just as the title implies….this post is packed to the rim with LOTS of photos!  I have been trying to take lots of pictures lately.  We have had a bunch of family gatherings between Ellie’s birthday and Easter in the past few weeks.  I have tried to get the family together, the grandparents, the cousins, etc for photos.  It is very rare that we are all dressed in something nice, I have had a shower, and everyone looks at the camera! 

I think my MOST favorite photo from the past few weeks has to be my parents on our porch swing with ALL of their grandbabies. 


I mean, besides Gracie looking completely terrified and gripping the swing chain with all of her might, you couldn’t get a better photo!  I love the way my parents are laughing at each other, almost surprised by the craziness around them.  I hope when I am my parents age, I will be surrounded with lots of adorable children who are laughing and smiling.  Life is good!


Sammy’s expression in this one just cracks me up!  Photo sessions probably do seem like torture to almost five year old little boys.


I also snapped some photos of my sister Lindsay, Tim and sweet Sammy on the porch swing together.  Sammy wasn’t into our photo session at first, but then he warmed up!



My mom and dad with “the girls.”  They were trying to get Ellie to say that she was two years old!


The most cooperative one…Gracie of course!  She doesn’t have a lot of say in the matter.  Little did I know that she was working on her first tooth through all of these photos.  Poor thing!  She didn’t even make a peep!  This is our attempt at a family photo, maybe next time?


I guess this is real life though, Bradley is annoyed with all of the picture taking, Ellie wouldn’t sit still if her life depended on it and there were three people trying to get Gracie to look at the camera and she is busy looking at her sister.  This is my life!

Both of the Grandparent shots turned out great though!  Ellie was asleep for this one, but I love Bradley’s sweet smile and Gracie looking right at the camera when Grandma came to visit!


Well, I finally feel like I am getting a bit more caught up on my blogging!  I still have a few “deep thoughts” posts to pour into, but for now photo sessions and family pictures are my priority.  Love, Clare


Colleen said...

great pictures Clare. I love the grandparent shots. We have a few of those with my mom and they are always the best.

Lindsay said...

ohh my goodness I love those pictures of Mom and Dad with the grandbabies.. I just laughed so hard at that picture of Sammy!! That is totally his personality either on or off no in between!

Mary Beth said...

Love these pictures, Clare! Your parents look so happy surrounded by all of the grandkids. And, as I've already told you, you look AMAZING!

Mary Beth said...

Love these pictures, Clare! Your parents look so happy surrounded by all of the grandkids. And, as I've already told you, you look AMAZING!

Jodee said...

Great pictures!

amanda said...

that first picture is priceless!!

loved catching up and seeing that all is well in your world friend :)

Jenny said...

Amazing photos Clare...everyone looks extremely happy!