Monday, April 2, 2012

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To


I am finally getting around to posting about this little lady’s second birthday party!  Last week ended up being a very exciting one in our family!!!  Sunday was Ellie’s birthday, Monday we had a little play date party at our house, Tuesday was Chris’ 34th birthday and our NEW NEPHEW was born at 4:50 in the afternoon….Winn Byers, 6 lbs. 12 oz.  We couldn’t be more over the moon about the newest addition to our family!  Isn’t that AMAZING that they have the same birthday?  I love it!


Chris rushed up to meet his new nephew on Wednesday and was gone for a majority of the day. Little Winn was born in Washington, D.C. and has already got the whole family wrapped around his finger!  I went up to meet him on Saturday and he is perfect!  Just look at that little face!!  I will post more on him soon, one thing at a time!!


Ellie seemed to really enjoy her party, except for the singing of Happy Birthday!  The first picture captures it all, but there was also the video that is pretty hilarious to watch!  I think having her friends there was just a little overwhelming!  I put the camera down in the beginning of this video and I didn’t feel like editing it, sorry!

Ellie’s Second Birthday

I decided to have the party at our house during the week.  All of Ellie’s friends are really the younger siblings of Bradley’s buddies.  So we were able to celebrate with just the little ones while all of the “big kids” were at preschool or elementary school.  I thought it was perfect, because it kept the amount of people down and wasn’t too much for Ellie…well, I guess until we started to sing Happy Birthday.


We had the bounce house in full effect down in the basement.  Nine two year olds bounced, destroyed, I mean “played” in the basement.  It was a grand old time!



Anna having a ball in the bounce house


Little Gabe shopping around in the kitchen


Trey and Lilly finding their way through the bounce house mayhem!  The sweet birthday sign that I got from esty!




Then we made our way back upstairs for some Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  I made the cupcakes, but bought the liners and fondant topping from Etsy.  I just can’t rave enough about Etsy, such an awesome website!!  I did make the cake pops on my own.  They are a ton of work, but man they are delicious!!  I have had to give them out to people because if not I keep sneaking into the fridge for more of them!


All in all it was a success, I was worn out by the end though!  Between my Grandma, Gracie getting her first tooth and rolling over in the middle of the night, and prepping for the party, I came down with a cold this weekend.  Here are some of my other favorite photos from the family party we had on Sunday…


We had a little red and white cake on Sunday!


And of course we also had some cake pops!


One of my favorites, the light in their eyes when they see their cake all lite up!


And the final blow!  She has talked about blowing out her candles for a week straight.  She sings the songs and then reenacts the whole scene.  So sweet!


A sweet one of Ellie and Sammy!  And Ellie playing with some of her gifts with Grandma, while wearing her Minnie Mouse back pack she got from Grandma!



Ellie here are some of my favorite things about you at age two:

You are my spunky girl, never afraid to voice your opinion, need or wants.  I hope that never changes!

You love Minnie and Mickey Mouse (I guess that was obvious).  But right before your party you decided that you love Dora too…I guess you are growing up.

You ask where your little sister Grace is all day long.  Most of the time she is napping, but you must have tabs on her at all times.

Speaking of Grace, can you believe that you are 2 and you are a big sister?  You amaze me with how you have handled this whole transition.  We have definitely had some moments and still do, but for the most part you are 100% in love with that little baby.  She loves you too!!

You also ask “Where Bradley go?”  a million times a day, I have to tell you school or camp or we are going to get him to appease you.

You LOVE The Little Gym. 

You LOVE Music Together class.

You count everything and anything.  Things in books, food, toys, you love to count.

You know all of your colors.

You know all of your shapes and you are quite obsessed with your shape sorter.  You will do it over and over again.

You LOVE music and dancing and listening to music.  You love when we put on music over the surround sound in the house and have dance parties after dinner.  You LOVE music class.  You LOVE toys or books with music.  You know a lot of songs and I love your little dance moves.

You LOVE books.  You will ask anyone who is watching you to read to you.  I will walk in the door and find you sitting on the floor with the babysitter or a grandparent and a pile of books a mile high.  Some of your favorite books are anything with the ABCs or Counting, Skippyjonjones series, Animal or farm books, Song books, and especially books with flip tabs or touch spots, those are your favorite.

You are talking up a storm, and I can hardly keep track of all of your new vocabulary.  I love your little baby voice and your little baby way of speaking.  I know in a blink of an eye it will be gone.

I hope this next year is just as spicy as the last Ellie.  You always love to keep it interesting in our house and we love every bit of it (well, most of the time!)

Happy Birthday Little Ellie!!


Colleen said...

aww so cute! love the banner! Congrats on your new nephew. he sure is a cutie and so awesome they share a birthday.

Lindsay said...

aww Ellie the birthday song can be scary! Sammy would agree :-) Looks like she had a blast at her friend party! Don't Sammy and her look like they could be brother and sister in that picture! Not sure what is w/ Sammy's silly smile :-P

Jenny said...

Such sweet photos! I love your nephew's name and what a cutie he is.

It looks like Ellie was having a great time. Way to go on the them. Etsy is one of my favorites too.

amanda said...

that first picture is just all sorts of awesome!!

happy happy birthday and big congrats on the newest member of your family!! so exciting :)