Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hop, Hop, Hop


I know I am a day late and a dollar short with all of my posts…Easter can’t go unmentioned this year though!  Especially when you get cute photos of your children in matching dresses and pink button up shirts.


The cuteness is overflowing…the sweet smiles, the hair bows, the super duper chubby baby legs covered in little baby tights! I can’t stand it!!  Easter weekend we did a little bit of this…


egg dying with the whole family!  Ellie really got into it and Bradley was the expert!


It is so cool that they can really do the same activity together and have a good time!  She is just growing up before our eyes, and wants to be just like her big brother!


After a major round of eye dying the Easter bunny left quite a surprise for us when we came downstairs!!  Two new chairs, a little pink one perfect for my book reader and a bean bag chair for the big boy! 


He also left the kids “Jellycat” stuffed animals, a bunny and a Hershey dog!  They are both the new favorites around this house.  Ellie drags her little bunny around by the ear wherever she goes.  After a major Easter Egg hunt around the house we went over to Gigi and Pop Pop’s house for brunch and a trip on the boat!  It was gorgeous weather, perfect for playing outside!  Here are some of my favorite pictures by the dock.  Bradley wasn’t being very agreeable, so I cut him out of the photos.


Me and Ellie, she is actually sitting still in my lap, it is a miracle!  this little girl doesn’t sit still for two seconds!


My mom and dad and Ellie by the lake, such a perfect backdrop.  The next photo is what it is REALLY like to try to get a family photo of all of us looking at the camera. just. isn’t. happening. negotiating with a two year old, bradley complaining about the sun, and Gracie is chomping on her Easter dress.




After we came home and everyone had a nap, I brought Grace down and attempted a little mini-photo shoot session with her.  Her eyes are just sparkling and really are staying blue.  I am a little hopeful that she might be my one blue eyed child!



Bradley attempting to get a smile, god he is such a great big brother.  I really can’t express the sweetness and gentleness he has for these two little girls.  He was the first one to really make her laugh and she looks up at him like the world could stop turning just as long as he was paying attention to her.  love.



By the end she was done with her photo shoot too and kept squirming down in the chair.  I love this one with her little sweet lips and her face all scrunched up.  What a blessed holiday it was.  Complete with cute little girls, lots of jelly beans, and little boys who love their sisters.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I am finally feeling more caught up on my blog, and I am hoping to get more regular about my posting.  I miss my chance to write and talk about this whole motherhood gig.  I guess I have just been exhausted lately, and just want to curl into bed at night.  More coming soon…


Lindsay said...

What a great Easter you guys had!! Love the dresses!! My favorite is definitely the last picture!! Gracie all scrunched up!

Colleen said...

LOVE the girls'dresses. So pretty. Great pictures near the water too even if some wouldn't cooperate! LOL.

Jenny said...

The one with you and your parents is such a great picture.

Sounds like a perfect way to spend Easter.

laura said...

pretty in pink -- i swoon!

looks like a simply lovely day! the picture of all of you attempting a shot is HILARIOUS! i love your finger -- wait a sec! ha! the one of chris kissing gracie...priceless!

and silly, sweet, squishy baby . . . and those eyes! STOP IT! you are making me want another! ;)

xo, friend!

aimee said...

I can't get over Grace's beautiful blue eyes. She gets those from her mama for sure. And she looks so much different than your other two as babies! Fun Easter!