Monday, April 30, 2012

Full to Grateful


Thank you to all of your sweet and encouraging comments on my last post.  10 years, wow, when I think about it, it feels like just the other day, but also that I have grown a thousands times over since then.  Life with these three monsters doesn’t allow me a lot of time to dwell in the past or wallow in my sorrows of regret.  I know I carry them, they are in my heart, but my day to day life is wonderful.  I have grown into myself in the past ten years.  I know where I was and how I got to this place of happiness. 

Life is full.  My days are busy.  And my head hits the pillow with exhaustion.

There are babies to feed.  Mangos, crushed peas, carrots, and of course yummy fingers to suck when our bellies feel full.


There are big blue eyes that look at you like you are the most important person on the planet.  And for them I am grateful.  Full and grateful, that should be my mantra these days.


We keep ourselves busy at home.  Trips out back to play in the sandbox have become a daily ritual.  The sun has been shining, with just the right amount of coolness in the air.  You couldn’t ask for a more perfect spring.  You will also find us out back with the sidewalk chalk.  every. day.


drawing rainbows, stars, suns, and of course lots and lots of lines… we are very good at lines.


Then you might find us in the alley having some scooter races.  I decided that I couldn’t listen to them ride in the house for one more second, and I banished the scooters to the garage.  If you have a little one, you have to get a plasma car.  They are so much easier than bikes and trikes and scooters.  It is one of the few toys that both children can play with together.  We love them!!



Then the littlest peanut joins us after her nap for snacks on the deck and bubble blowing.  She is always up for watching the big kids play.  If the weather and my crew cooperate we “attempt” a trip to the play ground a few times a week.  Three at the playground can be challenging.  Luckily I live in a great neighborhood where there is usually someone to lend you a hand or watch a child if you need it.  For example, baby in an uncomfortable position in the swing, big brother wanting to push her, and toddler wandering around in the mulch.  The play ground is not for the faint of heart.  You must be on your ‘A game’ to make down and back alive.  Someone is usually always crying on the way home.


Now don’t be fooled.  There is still always time for a good old Dora marathon, in your diaper of course.  She is now the new favorite.  Move over Minnie Mouse.


I hope your days are just as full!  Because sometimes I am just plain worn out.  Gracie agrees.IMG_0287


Colleen said...

Oh my, I can't stand how cute Gracie is in that swing sleeping. love that one!! beautiful post Clare. You sound happy and content!

Lindsay said...

Hehe this last picture totally cracked me up!! What sweet blessings you have!! :-)

aimee said...

Looks like you're having a great spring! Busy, but great! I can't believe how big Grace is getting. I can't wait to meet her. Another visit is in order!