Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Winn

Man I am way, way behind on my blogging!!  I am lucky when I squeeze out two blog posts a week, but I really have so much stuff I am dying to share.  There is Easter, photo shoots, visits with old friends, but most importantly the addition of this little guy to our family….


Isn’t he amazing?!!!  I can’t believe this little bundle has been here for TWO weeks already!  You may remember  these special people…


The sweet Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam, well they had their first baby two weeks ago.  He didn’t just arrive any old day either, he decided to arrive on Chris’ 34th birthday!!  Kim, Chris, and Shawn lost their father six years ago this year.  I know that Brad was watching down as his little girl delivered her first born son 34 years and ONE hour before his first born son was born. 

Isn’t that just amazing?!  It still gives me the goose bumps!

I was lucky enough to pop up to meet him a few days after he was born.


Winn Byers, Four Days Young, isn’t life amazing?!?!! 

I could eat him up already!!  Welcome to the world sweet baby Winn, Chris and I just can’t wait to spoil you rotten, play with you until you are exhausted, and then of course send you back home to your parents!  I think being an aunt is just so special, and I am especially thankful that it isn’t me this time with a newborn.  I just got to enjoy his brand new little newborness and sweet little face, but I didn’t have to feed him 12 times a day….that is awesome stuff too! 


We love you Little Winn!  You are one lucky fellow and have two awesome parents!! xoxo 


Colleen said...

he's beautiful Clare. Congrats Auntie!

Jodee said...

Congrats! He is just adorable!

Jenny said...

He is a total cutie! It's great to be the auntie who can spoil but then not have to re-live the newborn feedings!

Lindsay said...

Winn is so cute!! Congrats Kim and Adam!! I can't wait to meet him at the next family event.. Grace's first birthday maybe.. ?? :-)