Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Indoor Adventures

Lately we have been home a lot.  Letting baby Gracie have her naps and watching the white flurries fly down a few times! 

Don’t you always watch it snow from the seat of your plasma car in your diaper too?  you must think I never dress my children, but I do occasionally!


Just to follow up with some more naked children pictures, I made some shaving cream paint the other day for the kids.  It was pouring rain and I wasn’t sure how we were going to fill up our afternoon.  I found this idea from Pinterest (love it!) and it was a hit.  It is so simple, take some shaving cream, add food coloring and mix…


I let the kids strip down and then they painted together in our big tub for a little more than 45 minutes.  The whole activity was followed by a bubble bath, so pretty much our afternoon was booked solid.



It is so so fun when I find things that Bradley and Ellie can do together.  That seems to be happening more and more these days and I love it!  A surprising part of the activity was the kids loved helping us wash away the paint after they were done, who knew?

I’ll try to have pictures of my children dressed in my next post.  Love, Clare


Jenny said...

Love it! Now i know what to do with Will.

Colleen said...

ha! looks like they had a blast with that.

Ang said...

LOVE it! Don't be surprised if you see a similar post on my blog one day soon. :) The kids love painting, but we only do it occasionally since it can be such a big clean up job, but shaving cream in the tub is perfect!

Also, I promise that I'm still thinking about you a ton and will get back to you with a Monday or Friday when we could meet up soon!

Lindsay said...

Aww Looks like they loved it!! Love the snow picture!