Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Better Late than Never

I can’t believe that I am just sharing these amazing photos of Grace’s newborn photo shoot.  Amy Benoit took the photos when Grace was less than a week old!  She is so talented and was willing to do a lot of different poses with our family.  Please click on her website, because she is so amazing!  We had so many that we loved, we decided to buy the entire collection from her.  I have finally started getting some of them enlarged and framed around the house.  I have so many favorites, I don’t even know which one to begin with?!

This is my absolute favorite, I used it for the front of Grace's announcement:




Who doesn’t love a baby in a bucket?  This one was used on the front of our Christmas card this year, along with the whole gang…


I don’t know how she managed tog et one of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but she did!

Is there anything cuter than newborn baby feet?



I can’t get over her little baby fuzz hair in this photo, melt my heart!


Daddy and his littlest girl…


Look at that swishy face, so sweet!

Looking back at these photos, it already feels like a blur…when we brought her home, that past almost five months have flown by!


Just some sweet ones of Grace, I love you my littlest girl!






It is amazing that even just five months later I can look back on the whole thing with rose colored glasses.  The sleepless nights, the trouble getting started nursing, dealing with three children, trying to plan the holidays (looking back I hardly remember Christmas!), it all just seems like a fuzzy blur of love.  I think your mind does that to protect from the truth about how tough it is to have a newborn, and add in the other members of the family.  It felt extremely overwhelming at the time.  I can say that we are finally hitting our stride.  Grace is taking long naps during the day and is trying really hard to learn to sit up on her own.  I hope the magic of those first few weeks at home wasn’t lost in the chaos of our family.  At least these photos makes me think that I relished it. 

Don’t we look like well-rested happy parents?   


Love, Clare


Jenny said...

Amazing photos!! I love the family photo of everyone...so blessed!

amanda said...

such amazing pictures!! it really does go so fast!!

Christy said...

It is soooo hard, but it does go sooooooo fast. And you forget all the bad stuff (that is why we keep having more!).

She is a little cutie. Love all the pics.

Lindsay said...

aww loved all of these! What a great photo session!!

Colleen said...

gorgeous! I can see why you would want them all. I love that one of you and your hubby with sweet grace. perfect!