Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Random Thoughts


Life has just been full lately.  In a good way.

I just can’t get enough of this little one.  I can hardly believe that she is three and a half months!!  She is chubby as ever, the rolls just grow daily.  Our routine is definitely working, just sleep, eat, play, sleep, again and again and again.  Then sleep all night and start it over.  There are a few smiles, coos, thumb sucking and poopy diapers thrown in there, but you get the picture.  We have our little rhythm and things are flowing (mostly) well.

I am slowly trying to get my life back to normal.  Exercise and eating better are all part of this plan.  I think I am driving Chris crazy with my talk of healthier eating, needing to run, etc.  I am taking a small group interval training class on Tuesday nights.  It is amazing!  There is only one other lady that takes it with me, and each week I think I am going to die.  Then I don’t, and I go back the next week.  Last week the other lady didn’t show, so basically I died twice during the 60 minutes.  Running, stair climber, weights, core, planks, bosu ball.  She just throws things at you and you have to do them again and again.  The first go round doesn’t seem so bad, but by the third round you realize that you are shaking.  It feels so good to sweat again and be in control of my body. 

We had a Superbowl party on Sunday night.  I just emailed a few friends at the last minute, figuring most people already had plans.  Pretty much everyone came!  20 adults, 21 children.  It was crazy fun, and I didn’t take one picture.  Between hosting, watching Grace, trying to refill bowls of chips, there wasn’t a free moment.  Ellie stayed up through the halftime show and danced for all of the Madonna songs while the moms sang along.  It was hilarious.  We bought Ellie a bounce house for her upcoming birthday and had it up for the party.  I promise to get some pictures, it is AWESOME!


This little man has the class Teddy Bear this week.  He has to send in things from home to share with his friends.  Tomorrow he is taking his baby book.  I quickly flipped through it before I put it in his bag.  Little ink prints of his tiny baby feet caught my eye.  Like a flash they grow up, without asking you first.  I put him to bed tonight.  We are reading one story at a time from a huge Curious George Collection book.  I love that he still loves little George.  I love that at the end of the book, he opened his arms out wide for a hug and said, “I love you mom.”  I hugged him and kissed him and told him he was so special.  I hope he knows it in the craziness of our house. 

I read a blog that just posted about the transition to quiet time.  We have been doing quiet time with this little man for almost two years.  He doesn’t have it on the weekends anymore, but I still make him do it during the week.  He has been resisting it more and more.  I really needed him to do it when I brought Grace home.  I would take a nap or a shower or just have some peace.  Now, all I can think about is Bradley being in school all day next year.  So, we are starting some new traditions of reading together, learning sight words, or just playing with Grace if she is awake.  I only have a few more months and then Kindergarten, super sigh.

I don’t have any pictures of Ellie to share.  Probably because she is a wild toddler and I hardly have a moment to snap her photo.  We have been at odds in the past few months.  The on and off sickness, approaching terrible twos, she can just be plain exhausting and demanding.  I am hoping for clearer skies ahead with her as we turn the corner to her 2nd birthday next month.  Will it happen??  She just is at that really hard stage and then you add in Grace and I can get really overwhelmed by her.  Trying to go places is really next to impossible. 

Today was a good day though.  Today I set up the Phil and Teds with Grace in the little seat in the back.  I had a feeling that she was getting strong enough to hold up her head in the regular seat.  I snapped them both in and we went for a long walk in the beautiful weather.  I thought Grace would just lay her head back, but she pulled her little head up for the whole ride taking in the fresh air and the world.  I am sure that is the most fresh air she has had in weeks.  She is always in the Eurgo or car seat carrier.  It was that turning point moment.  The one when I dreamt of spring around the corner, babies that could stay away longer than 55 minutes, and little girls that become sweet and wise 2 year olds.  Ok, maybe that last part was really a stretch.  And of course I didn’t take a picture, because I barely managed to get the stroller all set up and the girls buckled in and go for our walk in time to throw them in the car to pick up Bradley.  There is always next time, right?

This post is officially all over the place.  Kind of how my head feels 99% of the time. 

Off for some much needing reading and relaxation.     


Colleen said...

I love that picture of Grace!! She is so cute. You sound busy but so very happy!! I know the feeling about the impossible with the errands - except I only have my two!!! It's more trouble than it's worth.

Unknown said...

I remember those days, Claire, when my "big" kids were 2.5, 1.5, and newborn. But now, nearly four years and one more baby later, I see it through rose colored glasses, and wonder at the same time how in the heck I survived! Each day is survival and it sounds like you are doing that and thriving too! I think our Claire and your Ellie are so much alike! They even look a little alike! I am so happy for you and your family... I know there is lots of excitement in your house!

amanda said...

all over the place? that is exactly how our heads feel 99% of the time! love the update friend!

Lindsay said...

Oh Grace you are so cute!! Is Bradley having fun with Teddy? I can't believe the boys are getting so big!!

laura said...

girlfriend, i am all over the place and i've only got 2 kids...

i seriously cannot handle any more pictures of grace...she is just too darn cute.

and, oh my word, these almost two year olds. w-o-w. i remember sydney definitely going through a phase right around her 2nd birthday, but NOTHING like this. whoa. this boy means business.

we too are having less quiet time, more quality mommy and sydney time lately. i usually pick a day or two during the week. and we'll work on letters or bake or play barbie princess castle or watch angelina ballerina before ballet class or do our highlights magazine. like you said, she'll be gone 5 (half) days next year. i won't get this time back ever. sniff, sniff.

xoxo to you, friend!!