Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Through the Lens of my iphone

I’m not sure if this post will make any sense, because I don’t think that title did?  If I didn’t lose you already, I just thought I would show you a bunch of my recent iphone pictures.  Sound exciting? 

Well, it is actually funny because they are so random, but they perfectly display the craziness of my life right now.  You can always find a chubby baby in a bumbo on there.  And they are usually naked chubby babies because they got spit up or poo on their clothes and I just strip them down instead of hauling upstairs to find a new outfit…


Then there is always the big sister with a nasty case of pink eye in the morning, lovely I know…


She looks happy right??

Here is a utopia picture, all three children “playing” together happily.  Just ignore that I put the crazy toddler on top of the island countertop.  It is a fun and safe place to play, I swear!!



Recently there are more and more photos of fun little play dates at the house.  Complete with snacks propped up on baskets and little boys that love super heroes.  Or lunch dates with our best buddy Case!


Then came the pictures of our new bounce house.  Fun for everyone!! It is now set up in the basement and Ellie requests to ‘bounce’ everyday.


And for a little taste of real life with three little ones…the reality of my kitchen at the end of dinner time


This is the present I have waiting for me most nights after putting three children to sleep.  Isn’t that fun??


But they sure are cute!!  They make it worth it!


Especially when they want to be big enough for the jumperoo!


If all that didn’t wear you out, here is a cake pop, YUMMMMMM!


Have a happy week!! Love, Clare


Jenny said...

So cute! Love all the pictures of the kids...the "real" ones are the best!

The cake pops look so yummy!

eas said...

I love the reality of the dishes in the sink. I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts my daughter pu on the counter-someone call CPS :)

Lindsay said...

ohh my word that first picture of Grace was so adorable!! My youngest chunky monkey niece!! My favorite one those is Grace and Bradley on the blanket together! Good job on the cake pops they turned out super cute!

Colleen said...

those are great! I love the baby chunk on Grace!!! so freaking adorable.