Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Crafty


You know that you are getting rest again when you find some time to do things around the house. 

I have become a serious addict to Pinterest and my list of “things I would love to make someday” continues to grow.  There just isn’t enough time in the day!  Between wanting to do crafts with the kids, my own list of things to do, planning Kim’s upcoming baby shower and Ellie’s upcoming 2nd birthday there are little mini project centers all over the house!  Not to mention the heart shaped crayons Bradley and I made for his Valentine’s at school!

I think crafting and being neat just don’t go together sometimes.  I need a little storage space that I can set up all of these projects, leave them half finished without having to look at them every day until they are done?!

Back to my first finished project since Grace was born…my Valentine’s wreath.  I have had my eye on these yarn wreaths on Etsy.  I was inspired by this vendor especially.  I’m not sure how I happened upon her shop, but I thought, I can do that!  So here is my take on a very simple Valentine’s wreath. 

Just get a Styrofoam wreath from the craft store, two or three colors of pink/red yarn, and a wooden “X” and “O.” 

Wrap the wreath with the different colors, adhering it with hot glue every so often.  I started with a lot of glue for the first piece then would give a good amount every few wraps to make it sturdy. 

Paint the “X” and “O” with pink craft paint.  Then I wrapped it with the darker pink yarn.  I also adhered it with a glue gun.  (Glue guns are awesome by the way!!)

Then I took six strands of the yarn to make the bow.  Hang it up and you now have a beautiful Valentine’s Decoration!!

Happy Heart Day!



Lindsay said...

Adorable!!! I have a twig wreath I want to use to make a cute wreath.. any ideas? I saw an idea.. didn't pin it since i didn't have a wreath.. now I have one and can't find the idea :-P

Colleen said...

I love it!! Simple but very cute!! I might just steal the idea LOL!!! or at least pin it! ha!

Lindsay - I just saw a cute twig wreath today with a few felt flowers in valentine colors. it ws not too involved but very cute!

aimee said...

Super cute, Clare. Glad you're all rested up. Yay for Kim having a baby by the way!

Jentifur said...

Craft girl, you are inspirational. Wish I was that talented, I am better at buying stuff... takes me too long to make things and when I do I am a perfectionist. I still want to buy that "Naptime is Craftime" doll from you for all of my nieces!

amanda said...

super adorable! i made a little yarn wreath a couple of days ago's cute. but not cute enough for the front door! might have to whip up another one!

ps - thanks for understanding on the whole nap front! seriously it's always so great to know we are not alone! especially in needing just one tiny little hour to ourselves!!

laura said...

this is fantastic!!! super mom!