Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Colorful Valentine’s Day

Thank you to Pinterest for the sweet, sweet Valentine's card idea...


We had crayon hearts coming out of our eyeballs!  We made girl crayons and boy crayons…can’t you tell by the colors??


Then we attached to this adorable card I found on Pinterest from this adorable blog The Long Thread.  She has lots and lots of great ideas, and had the card print out for free!


Then we worked on another great Pinterest idea, Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops!


They are so simple and so yummy!  I had all of the ingredients so my Mom and Bradley put them together on Monday.  Dip the Marshmallow pop in melted chocolate, add some sprinkles and Enjoy!


Our day started with a  sweet little Valentine’s breakfast….cinnamon roll hearts, a new stencil set for Bradley, and a new ball for Ellie.  Topped off with Valentine’s balloons and cards from Daddy too! And yes, I even cut up the bananas into little teeny tiny hearts!




We finished off Valentine’s with a homemade heart shaped pizza.  I didn’t snap a photo because I was rushing out the door to be tortured at the gym, but apparently it was a hit!


I adore this photo…Bradley trying to get Gracie to smile!  He is the master at getting her to talk, coo, and give the biggest gummy smiles ever! 


We alllllmost got on!  She was being strict with her smiles on Valentine’s day!

I was proud of myself, I have picked up my camera a bunch this week!  I hope to keep it going!! Give your Valentine a squeeze, Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

What a great Valentine's Day!! Love the almost smile from Grace! Looks like everyone loved the breakfast :-)

eas said...

I can't believe how big Ellie is getting! Adorable.

Jodee said...

What a fun Valentine's day! Love the cards and crayons.

Colleen said...

Ellie looks so big in that picture! love your valentine's. Such a great idea for schools where you can't bring food or candy (like E's).

aimee said...

What a sweet Valentine's Day. You sure did it make it special for your littles! Gracie is adorable (well, they all are). She's growing up so fast! Look at miss Ellie sitting at the big table!