Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big Brothers Rock….Take Two

Gracie cooing for Bradley

Words can describe the love you have for your first born.  They are amazing in your eyes.  They made you a Mom.  You were amazed by their development.  When Bradley started talking I was convinced he was one of the smartest babies on the planet. 

I really do think there is something truly special about him though. (and it is not just because I am his mom and I adore him!)  He has a soft side to him that I just can’t get enough of.  It is as if he always knew that he was going to be the big brother to two little sisters.  I mean these pictures were not staged, this is exactly how Bradley reacted to holding Grace for the first time…. 


be still my heart….


I would love to say that is just great parenting that makes him this way.  But I can’t take the credit.  He is just this sweet and this kind.  I hope that he never changes.  In that moment with Grace I could see the amazing father that he was going to be one day.  Then it is in these moments around the house that his true colors shine.  When he finishes up his bath and bounds into Grace’s room to talk to her in her little tub.  She looks up at him with eyes that are in awe.

Instead of watching tv, playing with his toys or playmobil police station, I find Bradley over by Grace in the jumperoo.  He is turning on the music for her just like this…

This is just a little snap shot of the person that Bradley is.  I hope things never change, because he truly is remarkable.  I hope I tell him that enough.  I love you, my first born! 


Colleen said...

so precious Clare! It truly is the best to see the love between siblings. It makes your heart melt for sure!

amanda said...

sibling love is an amazing gift isn't it friend?