Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let’s Review 2011…


We kicked off January with a baby meeting in northern, va.  Gotta love the besties and their sweet little ones!  I spent a lot of January taking photography classes and knitting.  Little did I know what was in store for me in 2011!!


My pictures slowly started getting better, with a face like this who needs inspiration?

DSC_0145 - Copy

February was spent taking more and more photos, learning how to sew, and wondering why in the world I was SO exhausted?!


March I soon realized exactly why I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I didn’t reveal it for a little bit longer…so instead we spent the month getting ready for the little lady to turn one!


She turned one in style, and announced to the world that she was going to be a big sister soon too!


April brought spring and me finally feeling better!  Chris and I got to get away for a fantastic weekend at a B & B!


Along with an amazing trip with just Bradley to Busch Gardens!  Such a special time with him!


May brought an amazing first camping trip with Uncle Adam and Aunt Kim, complete with our very first head lamps!


Along with some much needed outside adventures down to creek!


June began our fun in the sun, with many many trips to the pool!


Ellie spent a good part of June working on the whole walking gig.  She finally figured it out!  (I also see the beginning of some beautiful curls starting to grow!)


One part of June that I would rather forget was the terrible, horrible fever that lasted for two weeks and sent us to the hospital three times.  So not fun!


July was spent recovering and trying to enjoy as much of summer as possible once everyone was healthy!


Bradley trying to enjoy the 4th of July parade despite the heat.  We had to leave early because he started to feel bad again.  It was a long virus!!

August took us to the beach for another wonderful summer vacation!



September was back to school and getting ready for baby Grace!  Full nesting mode had set in!  Someone started to grow her first piggy tail!


And a bigger boy tried out soccer for the first time and fell in love with the sport!


October was an unforgettable month with the birth of Grace…


Letting her get to know her brother and sister…


And some really cute trick or treaters


November was a whirlwind of late night feedings and full on survival mode.  We cuddled that sweet baby…


and tried to entertain a very busy toddler


December was a jammed packed month as always with Bradley turning five and a beautiful Christmas with three children!



What an amazing 2011!  I couldn’t have asked or even imagined that this would be our life last year at the end of 2010.  You never know where the path of life is going to lead, you just have to follow the road bumpy and smooth. 

Cheers to a New Year!

Happy 2012, may yours be magical!



Colleen said...

love this Clare! Quite the year! Hope you guys are good : )

laura said...

and what a year it was, my friend!!

p.s. how on earth are we already "pinning" party ideas for the 2nd birthdays?!?!?!

Lindsay said...

Wonderful year filled with amazing memories! So glad to be a part of some of them :-)

Jodee said...

Wow! You guys had a fabulous year! Great review!

amanda said...

it is so crazy to see baby e at the beginning of the year and then baby g at the end of the year!! such an amazing year for you friend!!