Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Because


Just because you are simply scrumptious in your dress that Aunt Kim bought you I had to take your picture.  And of course you are now officially “THREE” months old!  How in the world did that happen??


Just because you have perfected your smile and I was trying extremely hard to catch it on camera!!  I would laugh and giggle and make googlie eyes at you…you would smile and then click it would be gone for the camera.  I did manage to catch this little one though it hardly does your gummy mouthy smile justice. 

You light up the room when mommy or daddy walk in.  It is like you are saying, “Oh there she is!  My most favorite person on the planet!” 

I hope you will always look at me that way, because I know that is how I look at you!


Just because the serious face is probably just as cute as the smilie face is…along with the amazing size of your belly!  It rivals the great budda bellies and the amazing rolly polly legs.  I think there are knees somewhere hidden there. 


Just because you have decided that you are going to be the easiest baby we have ever had.  You figured it out a few weeks ago.  The napping on your own.  You fuss for a minute or two, but then you lay your head down and put yourself to sleep.  The night time sleep took some time, but we have finally arrived.  A few weeks ago you started stretching it out, six, eight, then ten or eleven hours.  Then two weeks ago you found your thumb and have hardly looked back.  You suck on it during naps and at night.  You have slept 12 hours for two weeks now.  Fussing out a few times, but by the time I run in I find you back asleep and sucking your thumb.  Thank you sweet Grace for this gift of sleep!  It feels amazing and makes me a better mommy and wife and just makes the house a happier place when everyone is getting rest.


I love you sweet Gracie girl.  I love your rolls and your little mouth and most perfect little blue eyes. 

You remind me of your brother and sister and that makes me smile too. 

I love to see you sucking your thumb or trying to find it when you are sitting in the bouncy seat.  You are so proud and happy when you get it in your mouth! 

Don’t grow up too fast little babe, I’m not ready for any more changes yet!  I just want to soak you up as you are!


laura said...

stop it! you are making me ache for a third.... ;)

she is delicious! adorable! scrumptious! i could eat her with a spoon!

xo, mama!

Lindsay said...

I need a spoon to eat up all that cuteness!! What a sweet baby face she has!!

Colleen said...

can she get any cuter? seriously the double chin is the best thing ever!! love her!

Jenny said...

So Sweet! Glad she is sleeping through the night! Eli has reverted back to waking again, I think from being sick! UGH...

She is just precious Clare!

amanda said...