Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Another Month, No Biggie



My how little Grace has changed in just a few weeks!  She is making more eye contact, smiling all of the time, and adding on to her rolls of chub daily! 

Have you ever seen a chubby naked baby in a bumbo?  It might be one of the cutest things on the planet!!  


She is getting bigger by the second and starting to look more and more like Ellie and Bradley.   I think she still favors Bradley in his newborn phase.  Her skin is SO beautiful and clear.  I don’t think she ever had any of the baby acne, and just kept her soft baby skin since day one.  Ellie is obsessed with seeing Grace in the bumbo.  She sits down right in front of her and talks to her.  I have to get a video of it for you to witness the cuteness!


Our days are beginning to develop a pattern and we are starting to have a schedule unfold.  I have been working hard at it in the past few weeks, and she has really responded.  She can now go down for her naps and bed by herself and with very little fussing if I catch her at the right time.  She is still feeding at 9 or 10 and getting me up between 2 and 4 for a middle of the night feeding, but that is beginning to get more predictable.  Sometimes we would have a hard time getting her back to sleep after that feeding, and now she just goes right back to bed (knock on wood).  We have had to let her fuss some for naps and bedtime, but she is getting the hang of it.  Once we can get rid of the 9 or 10 pm feed I will feel a lot more freedom. 

I can’t believe she will be 11 weeks on Friday.  It really is flying by!  I have to say that I have really tried to enjoy these first few weeks, but they are just so tough.  I am finally exercising some and starting to feel more and more like myself.  I still feel like I could sleep for a week and then I would really feel great. 

I have taken some pleasure in counting down this tail end of the first 12 weeks, packing away the itty bitty clothes, and knowing that we will never, ever do this again.  Motherhood, postpartum, and newborns are hard.  Anyone who tells you different must have had the easiest baby on the planet and nipples of steal.  I would consider Grace really easy going, and we still had some LONG nights, and some really tired days.  I enjoy routine, pattern, and babies who sleep through the night.  A happy mama is a happy family.  I know those days are approaching around the corner, and the light at the end of the tunnel feels great!  I am just doing my best to soak it in, enjoy my other children, and know that someday I will look back on these busy, busy days with envy.  I told Chris the other night that I have never worked this hard in my entire life.  It is true.  From sun up to sun down and in between I am mother to three young children.  It is the greatest blessing and the truest test I have had. 

I love you sweet Grace, you have made my life full and fulfilled!   


Lindsay said...

Love that sweet sweet girl! Love the pictures too :-)

Colleen said...

She's gorgeous and I love the letter idea!! I so wish you were closer . . . she is such a sweetie and I am aching for newborn love!!!! (I just said the same thing to my cousin who just told me her csection is scheduled for next week!).

Jenny said...

Amen friend! You said it perfectly. We are definitely starting to get a routine and that has definitely helped! Eli will go down at 9 or so and has been sleeping tell about 4 or 5 which is amazing! My only downfall is I do not let him fall asleep on his own, I usually rock him to sleep. But seeing as how this is my last baby, I am okay doing it, for now.
Grace is gorgeous!

amanda said...

happy two months sweet girl!!!

and yay for finding that beloved schedule mama!