Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joyous Day


This picture pretty much sums up Christmas as our house.  Happy children, lots of family, and of course pom poms for $3.99 make it truly priceless!  My mom decided that Ellie didn’t have enough “girlie” stuff around the house, so she got her quite a few girl dress up items.  The pom poms were a huge hit, and still continue to be even at our house. 

And I think Ellie coming over for Christmas Eve dinner in my sister’s old Christmas dress made the holiday priceless for my parents.  My mom started to tear up when she saw Ellie come into the house.  She said it felt like just the other day that Lindsay wore that dress.  I guess that is how quickly time flies. 


We did our best to soak up the holiday.  We spent Christmas Eve at my parents for a brunch and gift opening.  Ellie could be found with her pom poms and the boys could be found at the train table.  That is the real steam train that my Dad brings out every year.


The kids were mesmerized by them, can you tell?


Sweet Grace made a few appearances in between nap and feeding times.  She even gave us some smiles…



Bradley and Sammy also got the Vtech Innotab Tablets and they were a HUGE hit.  Bradley has hardly put it down and we loaded it up with tons of ebooks and games.  I highly recommend this toy!!


Between getting up to feed Grace, preparing for Christmas, and all of the festivities, I must say that I was completely wiped out by Sunday. I don’t know how we pulled it off?  I don’t think it would have happened without Chris’ determination.  He was a wrapping machine, and let me go to bed early a few nights to catch up on sleep while he put toys together and got things prepared.  Gotta love this man!


He said it took him hours to put together the playmobil police station, and just as long to blow up the bounce pit.  He had to switch between the electric pump and the bike pump because they both kept running out of steam.  It was quite a Christmas Eve, but we got it done!


Our beautiful tree and mounds of gifts


it was a spectacular morning…


the gift that he asked Santa for, a seascope to take to the creek??  sure!!


She absolutely loved the ball pit that quickly got a leak and is now being sent back to amazon…boo!


And the ipad was the biggest hit, even with Chris.  He is now officially obsessed with Angry Birds and Boggle, and he swore he would never get on it!


Bradley spent the rest of Christmas playing with his Playmobil village that we set up on the kitchen table.  He loved it!  It is such a joy to watch them play with things for hours on end!


Merry Christmas 2011!!


laura said...

so good to "hear" from you, my friend! i think of you often, especially when benjamin throws a lovely fit over the silliest thing and i wonder if ellie is doing the same thing! oh, these march 2010 babes! how on earth are they almost 2?!

your christmas looks simply lovely! ellie's pom poms, bradley's excited seascope face, grace's sweet smile! hang in there, friend! you're doing great!!


amanda said...

looks like a wonderful time was had by all!! such sweet and happy faces :)

happy 2012 friend!

Jenny said...

Happy New Year Clare! It looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas!

Colleen said...

Happy New Year!! Your pictures are so great. Love that picture of Grace. so beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Aww love all of those wonderful Christmas pictures! That picture of Grace smiling is priceless! Sammy loved the picture of Ellie as a butterfly! :-)

eas said...

Looks like a great Christmas all around!