Monday, December 12, 2011

The Batman Birthday Bash


My sweet boy turned FIVE last week!! I can hardly believe it!  I feel like we celebrated for days and he was on cloud nine for a week.  It was actually nice to have the focus on him, since everything has been about the new baby.  I keep reminding him that he is so special, he made me a mommy.  He is obsessed with how old he is compared to Ellie and Grace.  He asked Chris in the car recently, “when I am 100, how old will ellie be?”  chris said, 97.  “Yes! I will ALWAYS be older.”  Chris just said that he hoped his children will live to be that old.   


You can see that we are still obsessed with all things superhero.  I am trying to embrace it, since I see lots of girly parties in the future too!  Batman it is!  I tried to make it somewhat sweet with little Batman masks, and a happy birthday banner that I finished up the week before my c-section.  Literally, this entire party was done before Grace arrived.  We hardly made it to the bounce place on time with our entire crew.  I can’t imagine doing it at our house! 

This was the first year when Bradley and I sat down to really make the guest list together.  He has so many buddies from school, he is quite the little social butterfly. 

Ellie got in on the batman action too! 


Since life is crazy right now, and I am trying to write this post while I run up and down the stairs dealing with Grace I will give you the play by play of the party in pictures…


Of course there was a cake, a little bit of coloring, and lots of balloons…


Sweet friends from our neighborhood, school, family and lovely friends we have collected over the years…


This little (big) boy that wouldn’t go down one of these slides just a short time ago was on a mission.  Sliding, spinning, chasing friends, and just plain having the time of his life!  I haven’t seen him quite so happy or pumped up!






Of course little sister wanted to be a part of the party too!  We had quite a week with her leading up to the party, more on that later!  I was trying so hard to catch him coming down the slide…love this one!



Then of course there were more celebrations during the week.  Here is Bradley with his fifth birthday loot from mom and dad.  Building was the theme…knex, trio blocks, and a batman costume to top it all off.  I hope to put some thoughts together about my littlest first born boy turning five.  What a milestone for him and for Chris and I.  Five years.  If the next 13 go as quickly, I am in trouble when he heads to college. 

He is such a sweet, kind, and special little boy.  I hope he knows just how much he is loved. 

Happy Birthday Bradley-boo! 


amanda said...

so sweet friend! looks like a heck of a great party!!

happy happy five mr bradley!

Colleen said...

he looks so happy!! Adorable theme. Isn't it crazy . . . E turns 6 tomorrow. I am still in amazement it's been 6 years. You look great!

laura said...

how is he 5?! how is he 5?! i cannot handle this growing up thing! happy birthday to your big boy! looks like a fun day!

Jodee said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome little guy!

Lindsay said...

What a great birthday party it was! Sammy is still wearing his batman mask over here!