Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Weeks


It is hard to believe that two weeks has gone by since we have brought sweet Grace home.  I was just looking back at my posts about Ellie at this age, and the difficulties of having two children.  Little did I know what was in store for me just one year later!  Chris and I both said today that once they are here you just can’t imagine what life was like before them.  Did we ever only have two kids?  It seems like a distant memory already!


The transition from two to three seems to be going as smooth as it can be.  There are moments that feel like chaos, and there are moments when the stars align and life seems to be as perfect as can be.  I am working hard to take it day by day, not to get too overwhelmed with the future.  Just live in the moment, rest when I can, and feel lucky when I get to take a shower.

Everyone was resting today at the same time, so I pulled on my sneakers and when for a thirty minute walk all by my lonesome.  I only made it up to the pool and back.  But the chance to listen to music and not think about nursing was perfection.


Nursing is still an uphill battle right now.  Gracie is gaining lots of weight, but it is because I am pumping extra milk and give her another bottle at every nursing session.  This upcoming week will be my first week doing this by myself, with Ellie, Bradley’s school schedule, and our normal every day routine.  We’ll see how it all fits in.  I am truly praying that she gets the hang of things here soon, because I’m not sure how long I can maintain the nursing and extra pumping.  She may have to be my first hybrid baby.  Part breast milk/part formula, unless we can get over this hurtle in the next week or two.  I really feel at peace with whatever happens.  I have to be realistic about life with three, and not put too many expectations on myself. 


This little one has continued to make me smile daily.  I am interested to see how her first week of mommy and gracie time goes.  I am sure there will be a lot of Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching going on.  Again, trying to be realistic.  There aren’t many options for outings when it takes over an hour to feed Gracie.  She seems to be taking it all in stride.  She is very interested in Gracie, and follows me around the house while we feed, pump, and do laundry.  Just another day in her world.  Well that and being addicted to stickers.  I swear I have a picture of Bradley in his PJs covered in stickers too.  If only my brain was working, I could actually look it up on the computer. 

Off to get the grunting newborn and pop dinner in the oven.  Week one as a solo mama of three, here I come!!



Colleen said...

Good luck this week!!! Sounds like you are embracing it and I think that is such a good approach! Love your pictures.

Jodee said...

Hoping and praying for an easy and manageable week for you! I can't even imagine! Most days, I can't even handle two!

Jennifer said...

She is beautiful!!! Congratulations! Praying things go smoothly for you this week!

laura said...

you are gonna do great, girlfriend! you are gonna do great! take it all in stride. no pressure. no expectations. whatever you have to do to survive...and get a shower!!

p.s. pop on over to my blog today to get a peek at ben's "new" smile! it'll make you cringe...and laugh! ;)

p.p.s. grace looks sooo much like ellie! i love her sweet little face!


amanda said...

proud of you mama! lots of deep breaths. and lotsof baby steps. you are doing amazing!!

happy two weeks sweet girl :)

Lindsay said...

Love the picture of Bradley and Ellie checking out Grace!

Krystyn said...

Hope week number one goes well! And, if you have a hybrid baby, you have a hybrid baby..and it all works out!

I can't believe it's been two weeks already!