Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life with Three


Halloween was a huge hit at our house!!  My little Firefighter and his Fire Dog were out on the hunt for some major candy!  Life with three has been intense and we have had a lot of help.  My parents have been a huge help!  They camped out at our house on Monday and took me to Bradley’s parade at school, with Ellie and Grace.  It took three people and lots of hands, but we made it happen.  It is divide and conquer these days!

Daddy got the big children dressed, with their make-up on and took this wonderful photo.  Gotta love Daddy!


I have been spending lots of time with the third little peanut.  Nursing, pumping, giving extra bottles, the never ending feeding cycle.  I had to do the same thing with Ellie!  Grace is just so sleepy and isn’t nursing at 100%, and wasn’t gaining weight.  We will get there!  In the mean time it takes over 45 minutes just to feed this little thing, pump milk, and clean up.  Never mind changing diapers and getting her settled back down.  I am in love up to my eyeballs!


I am thankful for rest.  Grace is giving us some, and that is a blessing.  I will take what I can get, and squeeze in a nap in while my Mom is manning the other children in the house…oh and handing out Halloween candy too!  They thought they were just “helping out” they might not have realized I was putting them to work!


Happy Halloween 2011!  It will be one for the record books around here!


Lindsay said...

Your fireman and fire dog are super cute!! Glad to hear Halloween went well and you got to check out the parade at school! Do you want me to come over one day next week? I would love to help you out! XOXO

Colleen said...

they both look adorable! loving the fireman costume. Grace is so beautiful!!

laura said...

omg...i love grace's little lips! what would we do without our moms?!?! sometimes i wish mine would just move in with us permanently. life is so much easier (and more fun!) with them in town! glad to hear ya'll are surviving and thriving! thinking of you, friend, and your family of 5!!!

p.s. the halloween costumes - ADORABLE!!!

amanda said...

super adorable fireman and firepuppy :) but that sweet little pumpkin takes the cake mama!!

hope you are doing well!