Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love is in the Details


Life is full right now.  The weather is scrumptious.  It begs for us to go outside.  Go for a bike ride or a long stroller walk.  It puts me in the greatest mood.  It feels so good to not sweat constantly and huff and puff when I step outside.  But, there are the great moments inside too.  The happy little blips inside the house, right after nap time that make being at home 100% worth it.


Just when I am feeling worn out, I have this moment.  After a weekend with a tummy bug, and a diaper rash from HELL.  A weekend spent fighting a toddler who kicks you and screams while you change her.  Then we are better and I remember how in love I am with these two. 


What big brother is content to sit on the floor of his sister’s recently moved around room and read Elmo books until the cows come home?  Melt my heart these two….



Oh yeah, and this face is after a three hour nap.  A nap that started at 11:35 because I think I saw the exorcist come out of her at 11:15.  Ellie was spinning on the floor, crying, snotting, and walking around the kitchen slamming cabinet doors.  No, I am not kidding.  Chris happened to witness it because he had just dropped off Bradley from his field trip to the apple orchard.  Chris practically ran from the house, telling me that he had to get to work.  I was left with a ranting 18 month old that was spinning circles on the hard wood floor and had saliva dripping down her dress. 

I guess we missed some sleep in the mist of our tummy issues and diaper problems.  Luckily two VERY long nap days helped us catch up.  Now we are back to normal.



I hope that I don’t forget all the small details of being a mommy to little ones.  All the noses I have wiped, and bums I have cleaned up.  The meltdowns I have witnessed or new words I hear from Ellie that seem to come so easily now.  There seems to be a new one every day.  Paci, Moo, Bowl, Fish, Doggie, the list goes on and on.  They just sprout out of her like magic.

The moments after nap, when the Earth is aligned, babies are happy and big brothers are mellowed out from school.  When spending an hour sorting through books and saying animal sounds seems like the perfect thing to do.  Don’t let me forget these details.  The little things that make our week special and normal at the same time.


We are two weeks away from meeting #3.  She is going to be a big sister and she doesn’t even know it yet.  I want to soak up these last few moments of two kiddos.  It is going to be a distant memory in just 14 days.  It will be chaos, I have no illusions.  But, I know with time it will mellow out and we will find our new normal.  We will soak up the details of three children at home.  I don’t want to forget this.  This is love.  All of it, dirty bums, meltdowns, and peaceful moments. 


Jennifer said...

Two weeks! I can't believe it! Can't wait to 'meet' the new little one!

Jenny said...

Such a sweet momma post Clare! I can't believe you have 2 weeks left...right now I feel like there is no end in sight!

I can't wait to find out what you guys have!

Lindsay said...

Those are the moments that make the best memories! I love that Bradley just chilled in her room with her!! So sweet!

Colleen said...

wow, that seems like yesterday you announced your pregnancy!! Great pictures Clare. Your kids are both just so beautiful

Katie said...

What a great post, Clare--gave me goosebumps! :) Soak it up, girl--it won't be like this for long!! Cannot believe your newest little one will be here in 2 weeks...I bet you can't either! Can't wait to meet him/her! Love to you.

laura said...

i was just thinking about how much i missed you and your posts, friend. you are so right. this, all this dirty, poopy, meltdown (OMG! holy hell what is it with these 18 month olds!!!) mess, is love at its finest.

2 weeks?!?!?! wow, friend! wow! so excited, over the moon happy for you and your growing family!

amanda said...

two weeks? two weeks? for real??? honey yay you!!! so excited to meet your new little love!! here's to soaking up the next two weeks!!