Monday, October 10, 2011

The Littlest Pumpkin


OK, so the title is a bit misleading…still no baby, only 10 days to go!  We are squeezing it all in over here!  This weekend was spent at soccer, an arts and crafts festival with a great friend from my past life as a teacher, and of course the annual pumpkin patch trip.  You think that these moments are going to slip by.  It will only be October for a few more weekends, so you go over the mountain to the AWESOME pumpkin patch.  You know the one with the slide….DSC_0191

And all of the farm animals to pet and feed.  The animals that your little toddler spends hours a day practicing their noises.  She has never seen them up close, until now…


I swear she would have stood by the goats saying, “Baaaa” for hours.


We could hardly peel her away.  But, I told her there were BUNNIES and she came running to say, “Hop, hop, hop, hop” five hundred times.


Yes, that is her reaching into the bunny cage while I snap a photo.  Good parenting, I know! 


Bradley had just as much fun with the animals too.  He spent most of the trip asking to go to the next thing.  Come on MOOOOM there is SO much to do!


Giant game of volleyball anyone? 

I love this pumpkin patch.  We have been going with my sister for years, and each year it gets bigger and bigger.  There was quite a crowd there this year.  I was surprised.  I guess other people have found our little secret! 

What is the pumpkin patch without a pig race?


I always have high hopes for the perfect pumpkin picture.  This is as good as it got with the kiddos….


Tromping through the vines with an 18 month old, a five year old that wants the biggest pumpkin in the patch, at 38 weeks pregnant isn’t the easiest thing to do.  I did get a few of the kids on the hay ride that I am in love with…


Look at those smiles on the right??  They look so much alike it is scary!


These two boys melt my heart, my how they have grown!!


Although I can’t wait to meet the littlest pumpkin, I am so glad I got the chance to have these last few moments as a family of four.  Even if we did look like a three ring circus.  Crazy toddler, pregnant mother, and trying to carry a million pumpkins back to the hay ride.  We were definitely a sight for sore eyes. 


But then you look back and know that it was worth it.  And next year we will do it again, as a family of five.  With an almost six year old, a 2 1/2 year old and a one year old.  Hopefully my sister will come again to help us carry all of our pumpkins back to the tractor.  Love you Lindsay!


Yep, definitely worth it!

Happy fall, love, Clare


amanda said...

dude that was soooo not fair!! you little tease :)

but so happy the pumpkin patch trip was a hit! you guys really do have the coolest patch!

happy ten more days mama!!

Jenny said...

Such a great pumpkin patch! I hope to make it to Will's field trip next week where he gets to get a pumpkin patch...guess we will see.
Those pictures are just so cute of all of the kids!
Can't believe you are so close!

3 Peanuts said...

You tricked me too with the title. Looks like a great day!!! Hope the next 10 days are easy and joyous!!!

Lindsay said...

Im glad we were able to do it this year and we will certainly be there with you guys next year! Maybe we can add another one to the mix ;-)

aimee said...

So fun! I, too, was tricked! I can't wait to hear about the littlest pumpkin. Hope you're feeling well, friend! XOXO

momwithnails said...

Where is this awesome pumpkin patch? I'd love to take Carter! Best wishes in the next few days until you meet your new little one!

laura said...

holy cow - you are having a baby in like 5 days!!!!!!!!!

ben about lost his mind over the goats at our pumpkin patch too. at today's state fair, holy moly, he tried to climb the fence to get to them!

thinking of you, my friend!!!!!

p.s. can we please see a bump pic before there isn't a bump anymore??!?!! ;)

Colleen said...

I'm with Laura . . . bump pictures please!!!

I always have high hopes for the pumpkin pics too and they just never work out!!