Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy


I don’t when it happened, but you grew up.  You are changing faster than Daddy or I can even keep track of.  You surprised us this weekend at your first real soccer practice.  The running, the kicking, and the physical growth is amazing.  I mean look at this….going after the ball like a real athlete!!


The biggest shock of the morning was how grown up you are.  There wasn’t a tear shed.  Daddy and I were waiting for it.  When you got knocked down and scraped your knee, you just got up and kept on going.  The running back and forth for 30 minutes straight.  It was exhausting to watch.  I was waiting for you to limp over and complain of being tired.  It didn’t happen.  You just kept up with the pack and I was so proud.  It was the first time we have tried a new activity without any sort of nervous tears.  You are almost five and showing us every day the little boy you are becoming.  You can play with the big kids and it makes mommy so proud!



Just make sure you look back and remember that Daddy are right here if you need us.  We love you sweet boy…you with your muddy cleats, shin guards and little boy things.


And then I realize that she isn’t too far behind and wants to big like her brother in every sense of the word.  Point being, this is where you could find her during soccer practice…



Oh, it happens so fast!  I need to remember this post when I am nursing a baby 10 times a day in just a few weeks.  They grow up. So quickly.

I love you sweet baby boy.  You will always be that to me.

Love, Clare 


Lindsay said...

oohh look at him go!! What an athlete!

Jenny said...

Wow! It looks like he enjoyed it and he definitely is looking so grown up.

Colleen said...

He does look grown up Clare!! It goes so fast. I love how into he seems.

amanda said...

yay bradley!! it really does go so fast doesn't it. soak it up soak it up!! i swear that's what i am whispering to myself all day long!

laura said...

such sweetness! with syd's bday just around the corner, this "it goes by so fast" feeling has been everpresent. hope you are feeling well, friend!!