Monday, September 12, 2011

The Project Post


I feel like the past few weeks have been jammed packed full of projects and getting things done around here!  The list has been long, but I have been marking things off as fast as I add them.  Hopefully, I will be ready for baby #3 soon, and I can sit around a bit.  We have hit a major glitch in getting the baby’s room completed.  I dragged Chris to a furniture store in July to buy Ellie a big girl bedroom set.  There I was thinking that I was all organized and on top of my game. 

Well, the store went of out business.  This weekend we should have been receiving our new bedroom set.  Then we were going to take everything out of Ellie’s room and put it in the nursery.  After a minor meltdown last week, we have figured it all out.  Luckily we were able to get all of our money back, which is huge.  I have re-ordered the furniture from another store, that said it should be shipped and in their warehouse in three weeks. 
Fingers crossed that it all works out great, and we will have it  in the nick of time.

I know in the scheme of things that this is not such a big deal.  I just would love to have the baby’s room completed so I could just be ready to go on October 21st…

Oh, did I mention that is my c-section date…yeah, that is close people!!

I did buy a crib off of craigslist for baby 3.  Ellie is nowhere in a million years ready to be out of her crib.  So, we will be using two cribs until she is ready for her big girl bed.  At least the baby has a freshly painted room, a newly scrubbed bed, with clean sheets.  All of the bedding is circa Bradley’s nursery.  It is going for round two…hopefully it is up for the challenge.

DSC_0234  DSC_0233

On to the projects…

I didn’t have one single thing to hang up on the walls of the nursery.  When we had Bradley we brought in an artist to paint the walls based off of his bedding.  Seeing as this is baby #3, and that just isn’t going to happen I was stumped.  But, I came across these valances when I was going through Bradley’s bedding…


They were so cute, and I had completely forgotten about them.  Since I am much wiser, this being the third time around, I already have large, heavy, dark room darkening curtains hanging up in the nursery.  I decided instead of having them sit in a drawer, I should cut these and frame them for some artwork. 


Now I have some beautiful pictures to hang above the crib.  So, so excited!!


Even Ellie thinks they are great.  She walks into the baby’s room and says, “This, This.”  This is her new word, for ‘tell me what this is mama’


Other than the baby’s room still being incomplete (which is totally driving me nuts!!!) I have been a sewing machine!  I have been cranking out pillows right and left.  After reading a pillow tutorial online, I thought, I can do that!!  This winter I bought the fabric and pillow inserts and then got pregnant.  The supplies have been sitting in my basement closet for months and I just didn’t have the energy to get them completed.  Now I am on a mission.  I have finished six pillows, learned how sew a zipper, and have two more to go!  I love the different colors, how the punch up the family room couches, and I just love the feeling of a finished project.


I made two in the soft blue, two coral, and two in the patterned beige.  I have two left to make in an olive green, and the look will be complete.  I think I am going to take the original sofa pillows off the couch and just leave the new ones. 


Other than sewing pillows I am trying to finish a knit hat for Ellie, and I want to make a little knit fish toy for the baby’s room.  We’ll see if I can squeeze it all in, I am going to try!

Happy sewing, Love, Clare


Colleen said...

Wow Clare - the nursery is looking adorable! I love what you did with the pictures. Great job on the pillows too.

Lindsay said...

ohh my goodness love the "new" artwork! I also love your pillows!! It is all looking great! What kind of hat are you going to make Ellie?

Jenny said...

Love baby #3's room! So sweet! You definitely have been a crafting machine!
And October! So close!

laura said...

hello nesting!

love that you are able to reuse bradley's bedding. i totally almost got rid of syd's bumper this past weekend, but couldn't part with least not yet anyway! hehe!