Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Miss Piggy Tails


The baby is growing up…just the summer it happened.  She was just a crawling baby at the beginning of June.  I now have a full fledged  running toddler on my hands.  She can navigate a play ground with the best of them.  Stairs, swings, slides, she loves it all.


The most noticeable difference this summer has been her sweet soft baby hair.  It has grown, curled, gotten long and I am in mommy heaven.  I just realized that the top was long enough for piggy tails.  Of course it looks perfect spiked off the top.  Who would want it any other way at 16 months?

Ellie says “hair bow,”  and loves to point to the many ribbons I have tucked up in her room.  She wants me to put her hair up every morning.  We can’t leave her room without one in her hair.  I guess this is a good thing, since it  is the perfect length to fall her eyes. 


Now that Bradley is in school we have had a few play dates at the park.  Just me and Elle and a baby friend or two.  The mommies and I spend most of our time running in opposite directions.  Helping someone who fell or holding tight to little toddler fingers as the cross the shaky bridge.  It reminds me of my days spent just with Bradley.  Finally going to the park and rejoicing in the end of the morning nap. 

In just a few short weeks I will be in the thick of it all again.  Naps, nursing, and more diapers.  Good thing she doesn’t know what she is missing. 


Don’t let that little smile fool you.  There is mischief in there at every turn.  From the normal toddler behavior like dipping her hands in the toilet water, to full on toddler tantrums, and battles with her big brother. 

The sibling relationship has been my biggest struggle over the summer months.  Bradley is great with her.  He tries so hard to play with her and be on her level.  But, this summer starting the scratching, hitting, and now pinching phase for Ellie.  Ellie has gotten Bradley good.  Drawn blood, scratched his face, and just plain wacked him hard.  She has visited time out more times than I would like to count.  She will sit there for 45 seconds to a minute and then go and give him a kiss.  She is a sneaky little one.  As soon as he starts crying or a parent walks over to check on her, she runs behind the couch.  The evidence is usually the large welt on Bradley’s cheeks or arms.  This has been going on for weeks now.  Our newest problem is Bradley has begun to cry wolf when she just walks by him.  I don’t think he has quite realized that he is a lot bigger and stronger than her.

I am hoping this is a language and frustration behavior and soon we will be moving past it.  It can be exhausting and down right annoying to deal with day in and day out.  I am hoping to have it mostly resolved before the arrival of the new baby!!   


There is so much of her than I enjoy beyond words.  She is more social and adventuresome that Bradley ever was at this age.  She will say Hi to strangers.  Dance in circles in the middle of music class.  Ellie could care less if she falls down or gets hurt.  She fell twice in the driveway last week and had a bloody knee.  She didn’t even fuss.  Just wiped off her hands and kept on running.  Bradley would have been down for the count.  I love that about her!

Ellie is a lot less verbal than Bradley at this age.  She only has about 20 or so words.  She still uses a lot of signs and babbles and talks in her on little way all the time.  Her brand new words are “more” which she says, “mo” and please which she says, “peas.”  She relies on “MAMA” a lot.  She says it for help, I’m hungry, I’m stuck, I’m tired, and a million other things.  I will hear yelling, “MAMA, MAMA, MAMA” in the kitchen to find her digging through the graham cracker box trying to open it. 

She understands SO much, and has a lot of receptive language.  If you tell her it is time to go, she will walk into the mud room, wait for you to get her shoes, and then go sit on the carpet to get her shoes on to leave.  If you tell her it is time for lunch, she will walk to her high chair and tap on the edges to get in.  She is so aware of our daily routine and of course thrives on things being the same. 

This little girl LOVES music.  We have a stereo system that runs throughout the house.  When you plug in the ipod in the kitchen it can play in the family room and out on the deck.  She will run up to it and say “peas, peas” to get me to turn on the music.  She even has favorite songs from our music class this summer.  When she hears a favorite song she gets so excited and dances in circles.  I think a dance video is in store!! 

Well, that is a whole lot of rambling about Miss Piggy Tails.  I can’t believe how much she has changed since her birthday and even since the beginning of the summer.  I love you Miss Elle Belle…   


Colleen said...

Love the pigtails. She sounds like C - I think they would get along great!! He's so different from his big sister.

laura said...

oh girl, if only we lived closer, ben and ellie could just terrorize each other instead of the big ones! this is our life right now, too, to a tee. the mischief, the mayhem, the hitting, the biting, his own frustration as his inability to communicate. so, so, so different than syd at this age, where she would just tell us what she wanted...

...and speaking of syd, i remember the pigtail days. oh, hers stuck straight up in the air too!! i love looking back at those pictures. now they hang all long, two big ringlet curls. so different from the spikes on top of the head. :)

hope you are feeling well! the countdown is really on, huh?! :)

Lindsay said...

I need a bigger spoon to eat all of her up w/ that piggy tail!! Love that sweet girl so much!!

amanda said...

the second one really is so so so different than the first aren't they! who knew? but the piggy tail seals the sweetness :)

Krystyn said...

She's really gotten so big! Our girls never wanted bows in their impressed Ellie does!

Yep, can't even compare between the first and the second!