Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kickoff to Fall


This weekend marked the end of the summer madness, the beginning of football season, and the official countdown to baby #3.  We attempted one last trip to the pool, but with all of the rain it was FREEZING!!  So, we settled on some Virginia Tech football and some really cute kids in jerseys.


The Hokies started off their season with lots of touchdowns and a WIN.  Even the little lady got in the Hokie spirit…


We spent the rest of the weekend doing little things here and there.  I made dinner for Ellie’s godparents that just had twin baby boys.  They were adorable, but I didn’t snap one photo.  I spent the whole time holding Matthew and watching Ellie terrorize their house.  It gave me a little glimpse into my life in a few weeks.

We hosted neighbors for a BBQ dinner, and spent a lot of time hanging out inside because of all of the rain.  Lots and lots of rain. 


While I was baking three dishes of chicken pot pie, I set up the kiddos with macaroni noodles.  It is amazing to see them both playing and enjoying the same activity.  Ellie is growing up so fast!  Yes, they are both wearing really cool t-shirts from the Outer Banks purchased by daddy.  Daddy even matched Ellie’s shirt with green, pink, and blue striped shorts.  Love those Daddies… 


I am in the middle of project central.  I have made two of five pillows for the family room couch, just mailed a knit hat to my best friend Janna for her new baby, and have a million other things I really want to get done.  Project post coming soon!!


Jenny said... those pictures of the kids with daddy!

Can you share the chicken pot pie recipe?

You are like super mom, with the projects and gettig prepared for #3! Way to go!

Also, we have got to see a #3 shot of you momma!

Lindsay said...

Love the VT pictures! Aw I wanted to see Debbie's cuties! Next time! Love those outfits ;-)

laura said...

love the pictures, hate the jerseys! hehe! ;)

lovin' that macaroni play...i may have to try that. ellie didn't try to eat them??

can't wait to see the project post! prego and projectin'! super mom you are, friend! xoxoxo!

Colleen said...

Adorable pics!! Can't wait to see your project pics. Maybe I can learn a thing or two. I want to make a pillow cover for a pillow in C's room.

Jentifur said...

Great Hokie jerseys!!

amanda said...

nothing says fall quite like football jerseys :) happy happy fall!!