Thursday, September 22, 2011

I’m So Cute My Shoes Squeak

Squeaky Shoes

This is what you blog about when you realize you haven’t downloaded a thing from your iphone in months.  You find hidden treasures…like your little cutie walking around the house in her new squeaky shoes.  These shoes are so adorable, for about five minutes.  I thought they were so fun, and Ellie would just tromp around the house in them.  After a few days the novelty wore off, and Chris pulled out the squeakers.  I love this video though…the shoes + the piggy tale = cuteness times 1,000.  I could just eat her up!

(If you are having trouble viewing this, just lower the HD setting at the bottom right corner of the video.)


Gotta Love Elmo!

Ellie just can’t get enough of Elmo.  He is the best.  And the most annoying thing on the planet.  It is the only show that she will actually sit and watch, and I am just happy to have 20 minutes to cook dinner.  I don’t understand what it is about him…

They have a Sesame Street Place at Busch Gardens, complete with a live show.  Ellie was in awe.  This video makes my heart happy, to see her giddy with her two favorite men.  Elmo and Daddy.  enough said!

first ride at BG

Last, but not least is Ellie on on of her first rides at Busch Gardens.  She got to sit next to her big brother, and handled it all pretty well.  She is hunched over and looks slightly terrified.

Just to show you how worn out this whole trip made her.  Here she is on the ride home.  Gotta love a napping baby in the car.  Even if it only lasted 30 minutes.  Why don’t either of my children sleep well in the car?  They just really must love their cribs! 


Some other phone fun


Ellie is all about pointing at your eyes, nose, and mouth.  Her newest trick is to get you to stick out your tongue.  The whole family plays along…


We are working every day on using our fork and spoon.  Ellie has made SO much progress.  She can now a lot of things with a little help from mommy and daddy.  I am just trying to make my life as easy as possible once baby #3 arrives, and getting her to eat independently will be a huge accomplishment!


These guys make me smile, and they make Ellie happy.  While Bradley is at school we will sit and play potato heads for a long time.  She love pointing at the eyes, nose, and of course the ears.  How could you miss them?

Less than four weeks from our c-section date!!! Yikes!  We are still awaiting Ellie’s bedroom furniture.  Fingers crossed it all arrives soon!!  Love, Clare 


amanda said...

you are brave. those squeaker shoes would have driven me to drink!!

Jodee said...

Those squeaky shoes are a hoot! Cute video!

I can't believe Baby #3 will be here soon!

Lindsay said...

hehe the squeak shoes made Tipsy come running over to the computer and tried to figure out where the dog toy was ;-) Love all of the videos from your phone :-)

laura said...

oh, those damn squeaker shoes! i bought them for syd because i heard they helped to encourage late walkers. they were so cute...for about 10 minutes. they also totally freaked the dog out! ;)

love all the funny videos! i wish ben would get into elmo. he has no interest whatsoever in sesame street. now the fresh beat band? that boy will throw down and dance his heart out to the fresh beat band! hahaha!

i still have yet to buy a mr. potato head. can you believe that?!