Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Organized!!

I know you all are dying to see the inside of my fridge.  But literally, this is what my weeks have been consumed with lately.  It seems that this third baby is very concerned with the state of our fridge and the organization of our picture albums.


I went to a Tupperware party a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t believe that a Tupperware party could by so exciting….IT IS!  And I didn’t even know that they sold Tupperware anymore, but THEY DO!  I got the Fridge mates System.  It is the four long containers on the left of the fridge.  They prolong the life of your produce up to two weeks.  They have ridged bottoms, so your food doesn’t get slimy on the bottom.  You don’t put anything in a plastic bag, so it can breath.  Then you open one, two, or none of the vents on the side depending on the type of food you have in there.  The greatest part about them, is they free up all of your crisper drawer space.  Now I can put as many little yogurts, apple sauces, and mandarin oranges as I want in the drawer.  It just makes the fridge so organized, and my little nesting state of mind at peace…I think I have a problem!

The baby must be really concerned about photos and photo albums, because I have been an organizing machine!  I am completely up to date with all of my pictures.  I decided a few years ago, that the most efficient way for me to keep my pictures was just in plain albums, in order by date.  I buy a common theme or color for each year and print out my favorites from each month.  Here is the first half of 2011:


Right where I can find them and easy to add to…


Having my pictures printed and organized makes me happy…again I think I have a problem!!

I also wanted to be sure that all of the other baby books were completely up to date.  I have always loved these simple baby books from Hallmark.  They cover the basics, give you space for lots of pictures, and have little areas for mementos.  You can also add information for the first five birthday parties.  I can’t believe Bradley’s will be actually filled up this year!

DSC_0118-2  Ellie’s is almost finished, sparing the birthdays she hasn’t had.  I started the beginning of baby #3s book, and got as much of it filled out as possible.  I just love looking back through them, and now Bradley loves looking at his book.  Here is the inside of Ellie’s book…I try to include any cards, family photos, and as much of their first year I can squeeze into one book!



Just a view of my office…baby books, red albums 2010, blue albums 2007, black albums 2009.  I know as some point I will have to store them other places.  But, I love looking through them with Bradley and talking about things we did. 

Cheers to getting organized, I can’t get enough of it!!

Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

wow thats some serious "Pat" coming out of you!! XOXOXO Everything looks great.. as always.. do you want to come live at my house for a month before the baby is born? I could use some organization help!

Colleen said...

look at you go!! I am jealous. that's one area of my life that makes me feel so disorganized - pictures!! I need to do something soon.

Jenny said...

Now I am feeling a little behind in my organizational skills girl!

Love those fruit containers for the fridge too.

I definitely need to get some pictures organized for sure!!!

laura said...

wow, girl! you and your 8 months pregnant self are truly an inspiration. i have 44,000 pictures on my computer and have yet to make a single photo album for either child. i need to get my act together. i forgot how much i loved to sit and look at photo albums in my home when i was a little girl...


oh, and p.s., those produce containers are AWESOME!!! you should so host a virtual tupperware party! ;)

amanda said...

a) i love seeing the inside of your fridge - it's like bloggy cribs style :)

b) i have those same tupperware containers - only i use them to store stuff in!! and not in the fridge!!

c) i have to use this post as inspiration to get my picture act together!! sooooo overwhelming!!