Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Signs of fall are all around, mostly.  It could be just a touch cooler, and the rain could really stop now.  I feel like it has rained for over a week straight at our house.  Two weeks ago we had our neighborhood’s fall camp out.  Here is the view from our back deck!  I bet there were between 30 and 40 tents in our neighborhood’s common space.  The kids ran around in mobs, playing and hiding in different tents.  Ellie wandered around Chris and I mooching food off of tables and socializing of course!

We didn’t sleep outside this time.  There is no way you would catch me in a tent right now at 36 weeks pregnant.  And Ellie for that matter.  I can’t even imagine.  Chris set up the tent for Bradley, but he had an ear infection and we didn’t think it was best to have him out sleeping in the cold.  It was actually a pretty cool afternoon and evening.  The boys did stay out after I put Ellie to bed.  They roasted smores, played, and didn’t come back in the house until 10:15.  I know, gasp and shock!!  I can’t believe our first born can actually handle staying up that late.  I never thought I would see the day!  He did fall asleep in the car on Sunday when we were driving around, and go to bed at 6:30.  But that is a different story!


I did get a chance to snap a quick photo before I spent most of the evening trying to talk to friends and follow Ellie around.  What a great event, and I love that our neighborhood does these things for the kids.  Such special memories for them too!


On Sunday we went to the horse races with some friends.  I didn’t do a very good job with getting pictures, but we had a great time despite the rain.  The horse races are very family oriented in the fall.  As opposed to the college craziness that happens in the spring.  There are moon bounces, pony rides, and jack Russell terrier races.  It really is a fun day!


Here are some of the wee ones waiting for the horse races to start.  They blow the bugle and everyone runs to the fence to check it out.  We were really close to the horse jumps on Sunday, which was nerve wracking!  You held your breath until all of the horses were over the jumps.


Little Hudson waiting for more horses to come by.  And even sweet baby Haven got in on the action…


I guess it was too much for her!  She slept for most of the event!! 

The weeks are flying by…just three weeks until we meet baby #3!!!

Love, Clare


Colleen said...

That looks like such a fun event! Yeah, I'm with you, I can't see sleeping in a tent at 36 weeks pregnant!

Jenny said...

What a great neighborhood to live in! I wish we did things like that!

I am with you. The rain can over it. Ready for the cooler weather!

amanda said...

seriously you really do have the perfect neighborhood! it's so truman show!!

laura said...

:( this post makes me miss my most favorite place in the world oh so much!!!!! what first of fall memories!

Adie Andrews said...

Amanda is so right so similar to the perfect neighbourhoods from the movies even the grass looks so green.

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Lindsay said...

Totally love the camp out event! Wow 10:15 WTG Bradley! :-)