Monday, August 22, 2011

The Pool is Cool

This was the first year that Bradley really LOVED the ocean.  But, after a few hours he was always ready to head back to the house.  Let’s go to the pool, was the mantra of the three big kiddos. 


Really?  It looks like you are having so much fun?  But, I think they were all feeling so confident about their swimming that they really wanted to practice.  I can’t believe that just last summer Bradley would hardly get his face wet, and always had to wear his swimmies.  Now look….


This became their favorite pool game, talking to each other underneath the water.  Oh, that and the Flying Squirrel


Is this the same little girl from last summer??  I think not!


They had so much fun at the pool.  Diving for dive sticks, even in the deep end, wearing real goggles, and pretending to be lifeguards.  There were a few evenings when they wanted to swim after dinner.  Once the babies were in bed, we could sit on the pool deck and watch them all swim without any help.  Oh my…


If the littles were around you were definitely in the water, because they required a ton of attention.




And just in case you were worried, Ellie was always on duty…she was watching over Haven of course!



Other than the pool and the beach we did some other fun things.  We painted nails


And went putt putting for the first time and visited the turtles…


Had friends over for a BBQ that happened to be down at the beach at the same time…


Ate lots of popsicles on the deck


And of course had a final day photo shoot.  It was supposed to be our last night at the beach and our traditional picnic at the light house.  Instead it rained on us and we crammed on the front porch for a final day of pictures. 


I think we have a winner people.  Looking at the camera, check, not covered in water and sand, check, actually smiling, double check!!  Wow, you can get a great photo of a 16 month old!


My two little beans…


I have to share this to show the reality of trying to capture a family photo…


So we settled for one with a pacifier.  You win some you lose some, 3 out of 4 works for me!



Then these three couldn’t be cuter!!!



All three children looking at the camera, no pacifiers needed!  Aren’t they the cutest?

I could just eat her up with a spoon…



Overall it was a fantastic trip.  I mean fantastic!  I am finally done editing the photos and actually wanting to pick up my camera again.  Do you ever feel like that? 



In other news we are battling a fever again over here.  This is Bradley’s third fever episode this summer.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  A visit to the doctor and the hospital for more blood work today.  It feels a bit like groundhog day for us and him.  He wakes up with a headache and fights a fever for a few days.

I would almost feel more comforted if Ellie was sick too, but she is just fine.  As I write this we are waiting for the doctor’s call with the test results.  I will keep you posted.

Love, Clare



Lindsay said...

ohh my word what a wonderful vacation!! So glad you guys had such great weather and a wonderful trip!

Been praying for my sweet little nephew all day! HUGS and KISSES!

Jenny said...

What a wonderful vacation! I love all your photos..and yeah for Bradley loving the water this year...hope he is okay..keeping you guys in my thoughts!

Colleen said...

I'm sorry. You must be so frazzled with all this. I hope you get normal results. Let us know how he does.

These are gorgeous pictures Clare. I so wish you were closer to take some of my kids. I love the matching outfits. Gorgeous!

Jodee said...

Wow! What a fabulous beach trip! It looks like everyone had loads of fun!

Poor Bradley. Hope he feels better soon!

amanda said...

i always love your front porch/white rocking chair end of vaca pics :) so great!!

ps - hoping the doctor called w good news!!

laura said...

amazing pics, clare! especially the one of ellie in the chair.

and, yes, i totally know the feeling about feeling such an accomplishment when you are done editing vacation photos. i'm on the totally opposite end - staring at 800+ images on my computer from our trip to EI and wondering where on earth to begin.

xo, friend!
p.s. where's that baby belly?! ;)