Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love By the Sea



So this is the post where I have a million pictures of my kiddos on the beach.

Usually we do our big "photo shoot" on the last day of our trip at the light house. This year, Cali and I really wanted some pictures of the kids in the sand and by the water. This sounded like such a great idea in theory. I got both children dressed, matching so cute, hair brushed, bows in, ready to go.  Then we got down to the ocean and this is what a 16 month old does within two minutes…. 


The experienced mommy in me should have seen that coming a mile away, but I really didn't think it through. Chris spent 90% of his time at the beach chasing ellie around and catching her after she toppled into the water and sand. So much for the adorable outfits! Oh well, I just went with it. She cooperated for part of the pictures, and the rest of them I just followed her around. I have a ton of pictures of Ellie walking or running away from me. At least she has adorable curls and the yummiest legs to look at, right?!





When I wasn’t chasing little miss crazy around I did get some great pictures of the big kiddos…


Amalie and Larken are pros and completely worked it for the camera!  and of course baby Haven just had to sit and look cute, which isn’t a problem for her! 






Things went from really sweet to complete craziness…


Oh life at the beach with little kids, such fun!!  There is still a lot more to share, I am working at it little by little.

Until next time….



Colleen said...

Gorgeous pictures Clare! I love beach shots and you took such great care in their outfits!!!

Krystyn said...

Wow! Those are great! Love the matchy-matchy!

Lindsay said...

Great job sis!! Love them all!! :-)

Jenny said...

Love them all...those outfits are too cute!

Love that you gave the beach pictures an attempt!

laura said...

omg - these are AMAZING, clare!! i love, love, love all the shots of ellie running around on the beach! gets me sooooooooooo excited for our upcoming trip!!!!!

and, oh, those outfits! i totally ordered the coordinating kelly's kids fall madras prints for syd & ben. i may have to hit up the sale on their website to get these for next summer. too too cute!!

amanda said...

loving the outfits!! and to think next year at the beach you will have three in matching outfits!! love!!