Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Peachy


It seems that summer has left and the last few moments went by so quick.  One last memory for the summer 2011 record books.  A wagon ride.  A beautiful summer peach to fill up our basket.  I tried to squeeze it all in.  As much of it as I could.  Last week we fully recovered from Bradley’s fever and sent him off to his first week of school happy.  Honestly, I was so stressed with his sickness, I didn’t even take a photo of the first day.  I walked in with Ellie on my hip and saw a mom leaving with her big old Nikon hanging from her neck.  I got a pit in my stomach that I didn’t even document the first day.  How is that possible?

But, the week went on and I forgot to do it the following mornings too.  I can’t even imagine how life with three is going to diminish my brain function even further??

Bradley seems to be out of the woods from his last fever spell.  The doctor is still concerned about some of his blood work results.  We are going to give him six to eight weeks to fully recover and then do another blood panel to check on him.  Great, we haven’t even gone four weeks without getting another fever.  The doctor says we’ll just cross that bridge when we get there.  Parenthood just fills you with so much joy and fear at the same time. 


These pictures are from our last little “squeeze in as much of summer as possible” days.  We went to the peach orchard with Grey and Anna.  The peaches actually weren’t very ripe.  We trudged around in the grass, got bitten by a million mosquitos and ended up buying the pre-picked peaches at the orchard’s store.


Anna’s trying to tell us that she sees a million peaches.  But, they were hard as rocks. 


Oh well, trying to make a last little summer memory didn’t go quite as planned.  The pictures still turned out cute!


In other news….we survived an earthquake.  Without giving away our exact neighborhood, we actually aren’t very far from the earthquake’s epicenter.  I now know that you don’t run to the basement in an earthquake.  How should I know, I have never lived through one?  And that Ellie will nap through anything, including a huge earthquake.  Bradley, not so much.  He was completely traumatized and hasn’t stopped talking about the “Earthshake.” 

The aftershocks are what totally freak me out.  Wednesday night we were woken up by one in the middle of the night.  Very scary.  You feel so vulnerable when you are sleeping.  It took me forever to fall back asleep, and poor Bradley was woken up too.  Again Ellie…slept through the whole thing.  God, that girl is on 110% and then she crashes. 

Baby Ellie post and first ponytail post coming soon!!  Along with….

I am in major to do list, nesting, cleaning, organizing, sewing mode.  More to come on all that later!!  Off to rest these feet that are swelling up by the second.

Love, Clare


amanda said...

glad big is feeling better :) and loving that you are soaking up the last days of summer!!

ps and now i need peaches!

laura said...

peachy keen, my friend!

the first day of school?! how is it that time already?! we go back on tuesday!

i totally thought about ya'll when i found out where the epicenter was...yikes! ben totally slept through it too. our wee ones. they play hard. they sleep hard! ;)

Colleen said...

We felt a little of it up here. It was freaking surreal so I can only imagine what you felt. You guys sound very busy! I'm in a seize the moment mood too!! Hoping to get in some more summer stuff this weekend.

Jentifur said...

When you start your sewing, I'm serious about buying those super cute dolls you make for my nieces!

Lindsay said...

Love you are on a sewing kick.. I can't wait to see! What a week we have had! Heres to months w/o a fever!!

Jenny said...

it definitely was a week to remember...can't imagine being that close to it!
it looks like a great day even if you didn't pick any peaches!
hoping bradley stays fever free and that everything comes back normal!
enjoy your nesting...i always do. can't wait to see some of your creations!