Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big One


Bradley Boo you have had quite an interesting summer! 

You have been sicker than I have ever seen you.  You have worried Daddy and I to death with your fevers, blood shot eyes, and little chapped lips.  You have laid on the couch for more hours that I would like to count.  Now it is time for school to start and I just want you to feel better.

You started running another fever this weekend.  No other symptoms, just fever and you tied my stomach in knots.

After a visit to the doctor on Monday he sent us back to the hospital for a chest xray and another blood panel.  You didn’t like it one bit, and put up quite a fight.  Even pulling out the needle! 

The doctor said that your white blood cell count is really low.  It was also really low in June when you had the first virus.  He said this is a “chicken or the egg” scenario.  Is your white blood cell count low because you have had a fever, or are you getting all of these fevers because you have a low white cell count?

He is going to talk to a specialist and go over Bradley’s case history.  But, for now Bradley is feeling better.  He wants to run another blood panel in two to three weeks and see if his white blood count is going back up. 

All of these things just make me realize how much I love my kids.  It is almost scary the love and worry moments like this produce.  You can’t imagine them being sick or even want your mind to go there.  There is the smart side of my brain that just thinks, things like this happen, kids get sick.  Then there is the deep down worry in my mommy belly, hoping that he is a OK.

For now he is fine, so we are going to roll with that…

Love, Clare  



Colleen said...

Oh Boy! I am sorry you are going thru this. I will keep the little man in my prayers that all is fine. Hang in there : )

Katie said...

Clare, I'm so sorry that Bradley has had such a rough summer with sickness...and I'm sure it is very tempting to let your mind go to the "scary" places. Praying healing and peace over you all! Much love, friend.

Lindsay said...

(((HUGS))) Glad the results came back good.. but hoping they can figure out why this keeps happening! Poor kid on having to get his blood drawn again!

Jentifur said...

Sending good thoughts your way for just a summer of icky sickness that will be done before you know it!

amanda said...

here is to rolling with fine!!

and this not coming back. ever!

Jenny said...

clare...sorry you are having to deal with this and really sorry bradley is having a not so fun summer of sickness! Thoughts and prayers that he stays nice and healthy!

laura said...

i second amanda's comment. thinking happy, healthy thoughts for your big one. xo!