Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Beach Revealed

I think it has taken me a week to recover from our awesome beach trip.  I have done a million loads of wash, returned all DVDs and toys to the rightful places, and gone to bed really early for most of this week.  The car has been washed and de-snacked.  I think Chris and I dumped a pound of goldfish and crackers out of Ellie’s car seat.  Where does all of that come from??

It was such a great trip, and I have been very slow to go through all of my photos and edit them.  I finally took a stab at some of them tonight.  What, 558 photos isn’t a daunting task?  I have definitely fallen in love with a bunch of them, and I can’t wait to get the printed out and up in our house somewhere.

There is something about a great beach photo….


It makes the little photographer inside me dying to get out happy…DSC_0405

It is so great going back to the same neighborhood and beach a few years in a row.  We have always rented a different house, because someone between our two families has had another baby.  We always stay in the same place, The Currituck Club.  The kids are starting to create so many memories.  Trips on the trolley.  Rides in the bike trailer up to get doughnuts.  Going to a different pool in the neighborhood.  And this year we get to add Putt Putt and Go-Karting to the list.


There were lots of magical castles built.  One that was dedicated to a washed up crab.  He got a lot of attention from the big kiddos.  They inspected him and got braver as time wore on.  This was a special morning at the beach, because our friends brought their baby sitter.  So, she was watching the littles while they napped.  The big kids got a lot of time with us.




These two have officially become water lovers.  They let us take them way out into the ocean.  When we didn’t have the little ones to look after!  There were a few days that the ocean was really calm, and Bradley was swimming back and forth between Chris and I.  Then the big waves would come and he would just laugh and giggle as you jumped them.  I would hold him between waves and his heart would be racing.  He loved it though.  I just can’t believe the growth in confidence and swimming that he has made from last year to this year.  It is always so evident when you think about past trips.


Jumping and waiting for the waves…


I just love Cali and Rick and there girls.  Each year the beach gets better and better.  We get along great, the kids play together well, and we get lots of time to hang out!!  I hope we can keep the tradition going, next year we will have six kids and four parents, yikes!!!  We mostly cook at home during the week, but one night we get dolled up for our parents night dinner.



The kiddos had a great time just hanging out around the house.  I think they had 400 outfit changes between the five of them.  Bradley mostly wore his old and new Outer Banks t-shirts.  He pretty much hasn’t taken them off since getting home.  And this little just thought diapers and mixing cups were the best…


This is a random beach post.  I have covered wave jumping and diaper wearing toddlers.  Life is good, and so was our trip!  I am hoping to sort through all of our photo shoots and get some more posts up this week! 

I think I am still in vacation mode. Love, Clare


laura said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time!! gotta love starting traditions with friends!

and, oooh, this just gets me so excited for our own trip to the carolina coast. t-minus 6 days!!!

Lindsay said...

What a great trip!! So glad you guys had fun!

Jenny said...

It looks like everyone had an amazing time! Loved seeing all your photos!

amanda said...

i think i might have said this already - but your beach posts are getting me soooo excited for our beach trip!!

looks like such an amazing trip - love all the traditions!