Thursday, July 28, 2011

The “To Do” List


My “to do” list is extremely long these days.  It also has a new home too!  It moved from my journal that I used to walk around with, to the Priorities App on my iphone.  I can add items, mark them off, move them around.  It is amazing!  And it comes with my everywhere! 

One of the items on my list was to go back through my photos from Jan-June, edit some that I didn’t get to, and delete the bad pictures.  Sometimes marking things off of the to do list can be fun.  You can unearth a picture you had forgotten about.  A picture of a baby and her big brother. 


I still was learning a lot about my camera.  My ISO was set too high, and a lot of pictures were a bit too noisy for me.  But there were a few gems hidden back in the Jan 11 file.  I am happy to report that this was marked off the list and we now have a stack of edited photos from Jan until June.  Now for the albums…that would requiring driving two children to the store, so it hasn’t been marked off the list yet!

Chris has been busy marking off items from the baby #3 to do list.  We have four bedrooms upstairs and the third room was an extra guest room (we have one in the basement too!).  So the third room will be the new nursery.  It is slowly in transition.  I sold the furniture in it on craiglist.  Chris put the full bed back in the storage room, and it was painted this week a perfect buttery yellow.  I bought a second crib from craiglist awhile ago.  I am going to leave Ellie’s crib in her room until she is ready for a big bed. 

We are going to move all of the other nursery furniture, changing table, glider, night stand, bookshelf, etc. into the nursery.  Ellie is going to get this bed when she is ready…

white bed 

We also bought her a dresser, mirror and nightstand.  I couldn’t find a picture of the exact dresser, but this one is similar.  Ellie’s has more of a raised panel on the drawers.


It is amazing to think that she will some day be big enough for all of this furniture.  We have extra white bookshelves that we are going to leave in her room, but as she grows we will eventually get her a desk for homework.  I loved this furniture store we went to, and there prices were really good.  Better than what we could find online.  Next year we will be going back to get Bradley some better furniture.  We got his from Target and it is falling apart.  Ellie’s furniture should be here in September, and then we will make the big switcheroo.   

I think Chris was inspired on Saturday after our trip to the furniture store.  We spent a few hours on Saturday night playing the name game.  We have a lot of girl’s names that we really like, but are having a harder time with the boy’s names.  I think picking a baby’s name is so hard.  I guess not knowing what we are having is multiplying the problem too.

Once Ellie’s room and the nursery are pulled together I think we will be ready for this baby.  I have the new double stroller, I have sold ALL of my other strollers on craigslist,  and a new baby car seat.  In the fall I just need to go through all of my baby clothes and pull out the gender neutral things to get them washed and ready!  Wow, three short months and this baby will be here!!!!

Now I need to get my stuff in gear and get packing for the beach, OBX in two days!!

Love, Clare 


Colleen said...

You have so much going on Clare - all good stuff for sure!
You have to post pics once the nursery is complete : )

Lindsay said...

What great furniture!! I love them all!! Those old pictures are great!! Good job marking things off your to do list!!! I love you! Have a great trip to OBX!! Totally jealous!

Jenny said...

love ellie's new furniture...we are in the process of getting all that stuff out again! i just started getting the baby boy clothes out and washing them. only starting it now because i have a feeling time is just going to fly by!
have fun in the obx...we are going the next week!

aimee said...

Did you end up going to USA baby? Love the big girl furniture. Sounds like you're getting ready. Have so much fun at the beach!

amanda said...

love the new furniture!

ps - can i go to obx with you??

Jaime said...

What color yellow paint did you use?! I am searching for that perfect buttery yellow too.